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Employee Experience

Tips for Designing a Great Digital Workplace to Reflect How Your Employees Want to Work

We take a human-centered approach that combines technology, operations, and culture to create a more adaptable and modern digital workplace. Our approach starts with defining your “why” and understanding the unique brand promises that are most important to your employees, then defining what needs to transform — from culture to process to data and technology — in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

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Employees should shape business transformation decisions, strategies and goals. Remarkable things happen with people at the heart of change; modern workplace experiences increase efficiency, boost potential and inspire innovation.

What Elements Inform Your Workplace Experience?

We believe “experience” is a combination of elements that create a more inclusive, collaborative and creative environment. At their core, experiences are surrounded by people, process and technology; but the most powerful ones incorporate all three. Our holistic approach strives to understand unique human motives and connect people to the means and technology to reach their potential.

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Transformation Tips to Empower your Employees, Engage your Customers and Evolve Businesses to Compete for Tomorrow:


Start by Understanding

Initiatives to develop more relevant employee experiences are often stalled from the very beginning for two reasons: the lack of defined personas and the lack of data to implement them. To deliver personalized experiences, it’s critical to understand what experiences need to be delivered, who they need to be delivered to, and how system data needs to be configured to make it happen. That’s why we immerse ourselves in your world: your employees, your customers and your technologies to align your entire organization. Bringing together team members from different areas to break down silos and allow for unique perspectives that lead us to thoughtful solutions.

Deliver Personalized, Omni-Channel Experiences

Your employees don’t suffer from a lack of information, they are drowning in it.  The sheer volume of data can overwhelm even the most dedicated individuals, impeding their productivity and hindering their ability to access the right information at the right time. To counteract this information overload, it becomes imperative to create personalized experiences that cut through the noise, delivering targeted content and user-customized features across all platforms. Imagine a scenario where your employees have access to a curated flow of information, tailored precisely to their needs and preferences. They can effortlessly navigate through a digital landscape that aligns with their roles, aspirations, and work styles. Targeted content finds them, rather than them searching for it, saving precious time and energy. Through our powerful technology partnerships like Akumina, we deliver design experiences with maximum flexibility—meaning regardless of the platform or device your employees use, they can access the tools, resources and communication they need—wherever they may be.

Create Environments for Seamless Collaboration

A great workplace experience is the catalyst that propels your organization forward—and if employees feel disconnected, the value is dramatically diminished. Seamless collaboration and communication allows employees to connect easily and enhances their ability to tackle complex challenges.  Employees should be able to easily switch between collaborating with team members or across teams, using the same or similar set of tools.  When it’s easier to get things done and stay connected to the larger organization, passion and productivity tend to follow. By implementing digital tools that facilitate communication and collaboration you’re able to foster an environment where employees are willing to go above and beyond, knowing that their contributions are not only recognized but also genuinely valued. Such an experience transcends the boundaries of your organization and resonates with your customers, forging powerful connections and unwavering loyalty.

Modernize Your IT Systems

In today’s workforce, there’s no shortage of technology—but not every technology is right for every company. It’s crucial to embark on a collaborative journey across departments, working together to discern the technologies that will truly propel your organization forward. At Veracity, we recognize the importance of this collective effort and invest the time and effort to deeply understand how your employees interact with your existing processes and systems. With an intentional IT ecosystem in place, and by harnessing the right technologies to simplify complex tasks, we ensure that your employees can complete their work quickly, effortlessly, and with minimal manual intervention. When your employees are equipped with the right tools and systems, their productivity soars. They’re no longer burdened by cumbersome manual tasks or hindered by outdated technologies. Instead, they can navigate through their work effortlessly, harnessing their skills and expertise to drive meaningful outcomes. This transformation not only enhances their job satisfaction but fuels the growth and success of your entire organization.

Enable Automation to Prioritize High-Value Work

Empowering your employees is at the core of transformation. And in the realm of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), there lies untapped potential for your organization. By scaling your efforts in these transformative technologies, you open the doors to a world where transaction processing, data manipulation and seamless communication with digital systems become effortless—liberating your employees from time-consuming tasks and redirecting their focus towards higher-value work. This newfound efficiency not only saves valuable time but ensures improved quality across your operations. Human errors and inconsistencies become relics of the past, as the precision and accuracy of automation empowers your employees—scaling your organization and unlocking your true potential.

Manage & Sustain Change

We know that new processes and tools can be difficult to adjust to. By harnessing the collective expertise of cross-discipline teams and providing hands-on training, you unlock a world of possibilities. This collaborative approach shatters the barriers of silos and fosters diverse perspectives that culminate in truly thoughtful solutions. These solutions are not mere band-aids but carefully crafted and holistic approaches that address challenges at their core. To effectively execute these solutions, a crawl-walk-run approach proves indispensable. This deliberate strategy allows your organization to grow in a manageable and sustainable fashion. Ensuring the transformation process is not overwhelming but unfolds organically, with each step building upon the previous one. As you navigate this journey, your organization acquires the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to embrace change and drive continuous improvement—while paving the way for a culture of shared understanding, open communication and collective accountability.

The Results Reveal It All


Greater Profitability Reported by Companies with High Employee Engagement, According to Gallup Research

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Less Employee Turnover Reported by Organizations with an Engaged Workforce, According to Gallop Research


of Prospect Employees Say Employee Experience is a Deciding Factor in Employment, According to Glassdoor

Reimagining Employee Connectivity: A Journey Towards a Dynamic & Engaging Employee Portal

Leveraging our deep Akumina expertise, Veracity covered every aspect from user needs to design, content, build and implementation. Our scalable architecture supported high availability and top-notch performance, ensuring the solution was future-proofed and capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow.

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