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Tired of struggling with platform updates and system evolution? We can help. As a premier partner of Akumina with a proven track record of helping successful organizations enhance their digital employee experience, we’re excited to offer you a free 2-hour consultation tailored specifically for Akumina customers. The best part? It’s scalable to your business needs.

A Holistic Approach to Upgrade Your Digital Experience

System Architecture Analysis

Gain insights into your current systems and identify scalable solutions that enhance security and flexibility to support your evolving business needs.

Akumina Experience Enhancement

We analyze your existing Akumina setup to uncover the latest features, integrations, and customization opportunities that can take your employee experience to the next level. No more guesswork—just a clear path forward.

Exclusive Hive Demo

Experience the power of the latest Hive release firsthand and discover how enhanced functionality can add significant value to your users.

Upgrade Your Way: Customize Your Path to Progress

The digital landscape constantly evolves, and knowing where to begin can be a challenge. We start by understanding your specific needs, tailoring enhancement solutions for quick adoption, preparing you for new features, and maximizing your technology investments. Explore you enhancement options:

Deployment Type

See how stepping up to a Headless Architecture can offer faster innovation and enhanced customization with development outside of SharePoint’s runtime.



Included with Platform

SharePoint On-Premise (Headed) Legacy Cloud (Headless) Saas Cloud
Improved Scalability & Advanced Performance checked
Enhanced Security checked checked
Omni-channel Control via API checked
Akumina Native Mobile App checked
Platform Longevity & Microsoft Update Control checked
Rapid Runtime, Adoption & Deployment checked
Architecture Flexibility— Choose Your Framework checked
Hardware Purchase & Maintenance, Security Exposed checked
Vanity URLs checked
Dynamic Updates & SaaS Framework checked

End-User Experience

With each new release, Akumina has revealed new features designed to enhance your platform experience. We then evaluate which features make sense for your users based on real, user needs.

Pre-Hive Foundation Hive Foundation
Modular Widgets checked checked
Modernized Front-End Interface checked
Mission Control & Launch Pad Widgets checked
Enhanced Search Functionality & Content Tagging checked
Search-driven News & Events Experience checked
Broadcast Center & Multi-channel Notifications checked checked
Easy Page Building Flexibility checked

Content Management

Akumina’s v6.0 Voice release leverages the latest advancements in successful Content Management Systems (CMS). From digital asset management to advanced search capabilities—the latest release ensures a true editorial experience for content contributors.

App Manager v6.0 Voice
App Manager For Content Creation & Editing checked checked
New! In-line Content & Assest Management System checked
Local & Global Content Management checked checked
Page Folder Management & Breadcrumb Capability checked
Cross-Device Preview checked
Page Version History within Akumina checked
Content Workflows & Micro-Application Processes checked

We've Helped Organizations Like You Upgrade Their Performance

Every time I go into our new employee portal, I'm filled with joy. From change management to UX, the Veracity team has done great work.

Leadership TeamFinancial Services Organization

I know when Veracity brings forward a problem, they've already identified and engaged with the necessary parties to find a successful and sustainable solution.

CEOState Government Agency

What we've accomplished so far with Veracity is so much more than what we thought we could achieve—and we're excited for what's to come.

Leadership TeamGovernment Agency

A couple months ago, we were tackling a variety of challenges—here we are today with our first launch. I'm so proud that I got the opportunity to experience this exhilarating journey with Veracity. BRAVO!

CGOInternational Healthcare Organization

Ready to Take your Digital Workplace to the Next Level?

Empower your workforce, boost productivity and make the most of your technology investments. Start your FREE 2-hour consultation now by filling out the form below.

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