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Patient Experience Solutions — Tackle healthcare challenges with Veracity's digital, AI, telehealth, and value-based care strategies.

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Conquer Complex Healthcare Challenges

At Veracity, we’re driven by a profound belief that healthcare is paramount. That’s why our clients rely on our global experts to tackle healthcare’s most complex strategies and technology challenges. Through deep domain knowledge of the industry, we’re able to quickly identify crucial interdependencies to drive opportunities and deliver impactful work. Our experts bring a combination of real-world data and human-centered design to support the individual needs of our clients and achieve meaningful results.

Digital Transformation & AI Integration

Veracity excels in driving digital transformation and AI solutions for healthcare companies, particularly in patient, provider and member experiences. Our strategies elevate engagement by leveraging digital opportunities at every touchpoint. We provide strategic insights and analytics that inform decisions and optimize interactions. Our engagement plans and marketing automation tools streamline communications, while our expertise in platform selection and technology enablement ensures the right technologies support seamless and impactful solutions.


Our thoughtful solutions, implemented through effective program, project, and change management, ensure smooth transitions and continuous improvement. In addition to implementing new capabilities like remote patient monitoring, remote diagnostics, and smart device enablement, Veracity excels in digital mapping and data analytics. This provides benchmarking to track progress and ensure high-quality care delivery in every virtual environment. Guided by our commitment to patients, we believe in optimizing telehealth services to improve outcomes and operational efficiency.

Value-Based Care

Veracity is a proven partner in guiding clients in advancing their value-based care initiatives. Our expertise spans across various critical areas, including effective utilization management, identification of targeted patient populations, establishment of shared risk models with payers, development of patient engagement tools, and enhancement of portal capabilities. We excel in improving quality measurement capabilities for patient outcomes by segment, ensuring that our clients can effectively navigate and thrive in value-based care environments.

Payer, Provider and Life Science Solutions

Leveraging data-driven insights and stakeholder alignment, Veracity has experience developing strategies to streamline operations and enhance agility in response to change. Our expertise extends to executing these strategies through program management and facilitating operational changes for growth. We also assess existing IT infrastructure and processes, identifying opportunities for consolidation and improvement. By conducting thorough analysis and implementing tailored plans, we aim to reduce turnaround times and improve overall engagement.

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Expert Support for Any Challenge 

Comprehensive Digital & Operational Transformation

Veracity revolutionizes the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape with a human-centered approach to digital and operational transformation. We simplify complex IT systems, enhance patient engagement through accessible digital tools, and integrate digital strategies seamlessly with operational workflows. Our solutions empower your patients, optimize processes, and free your staff to deliver exceptional care. The result? Improved patient satisfaction, staff productivity, cost savings, and data-driven insights for lasting success.

Medicare Stars Optimization

Veracity excels in Medicare Stars optimization, driving continuous improvement to optimize Stars performance. Through our Stars Assessment Framework, we gain insight into organizational challenges and provide transformative solutions, all while improving Stars ratings through strong governance, accountability, and data-driven initiatives. Through strategic planning aimed at both short and long-term success, and advisory services that keep businesses ahead of regulatory changes, we maximize Stars success.

Product Go-to-Market Strategy

When it comes to a go-to-market strategy, a well-planned approach for new healthcare product offerings is critical. Our methodology integrates market segment needs, competitive differentiators, and personalized solutions to target customers effectively, while also accelerating speed to market and fostering market growth. We refine product planning culture, confirm budget and resource requirements, and reduce work effort by undertaking time-consuming tasks of product development and market entry. We develop clear product strategies to expedite the product lifecycle, while organizing planning for effective promotion to diverse customer segments.

End-to-End Process Automation & Optimization

Streamline your healthcare operations with our advanced automation solutions. We optimize and automate processes such as grievance and appeal workflows and claims processing, reducing costs and enhancing transparency. Our industry and technology experts know how to ensure faster, more accurate resolutions, leading to higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Integrated Health Product Development & Experience Enhancement

Empower your organization with tailored health products that address both behavioral and physical health needs. We leverage tried and true engagement strategies and digital technologies to ensure your products are competitive, highly effective, accessible, and user-friendly.

Data-Driven Population Health & Revenue Management

Improve patient care and your bottom line with the power of data analytics. We analyze patient information to help you manage your patient population effectively and optimize how your revenue is collected. This data-driven approach leads to better health outcomes for patients and helps your healthcare organization thrive financially.

Secure & Compliant Virtual Care Solutions

Veracity makes virtual healthcare safe and easy for you and your patients. We integrate robust governance, risk, and compliance measures to ensure your virtual healthcare delivery meets regulatory standards, so you can provide care remotely with confidence. This builds trust with patients and lets you offer virtual care efficiently, reducing the need for in-person visits.

Pharmacy Operations Management

Veracity streamlines your pharmacy operations for smoother workflow and happier patients. We help you launch new products faster, ensure accurate and timely prescription fulfillment, and optimize inventory control. This combined approach boosts operational efficiency, reduces costs, and frees up staff to focus on what matters most–providing exceptional patient care.

Accelerated R&D & Optimized Supply Chain Management

Speed up your pharmaceutical research and development while maintaining a strong and efficient supply chain. Our service enhances collaboration in R&D and ensures optimal inventory levels, allowing you to bring innovative products to market faster and guarantee timely delivery to patients.