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Cultures That Embrace Change, Value People

It’s not enough to simply implement new systems. Transformation requires a fundamental shift in culture—one that values every member of your organization. That’s why we take a human-centered approach to change management, developing standards that empower your people with guiding principles for lasting, transformative change.

We empower transformative change by strategically uniting your people, processes and technology under a shared vision of success—because engaged, productive teams combined with the right technology lead to innovation and catalyzed growth. 

Shaping the Art of Transformation

Find Your Why

One of the biggest challenges in transformation is articulating your purpose for change. By identifying obstacles in your company’s beliefs, values and attitudes towards change, we tailor frameworks to empathize with your human challenges—aligning your systems with your culture, rallying your team and efficiently communicating your “why” enterprise-wide.

Empower People

We believe in reducing resistance to inspire support. With comprehensive training resources and tailored-to-you tools, we purposefully empower your teams with productive and adaptable programs to help them thrive in today’s dynamic workplace.

Evaluate, Adapt, Repeat

When it comes to measuring success, we rely on data—not guesswork. This means regularly reviewing objective data to identify opportunities for growth, iterating on our strategy and providing actionable recommendations, ensuring you’re maintaining momentum and progressing toward your long-term transformation goals.

Our Methodology

We develop change management standards that foster agility—and inclusion. By addressing human-centered challenges, we empower organizations and the people behind them with guiding principles for transformative change. Discover how:

Building Change Capability (COE)

Developing the ability to manage change across your organization is a primary factor in achieving successful project implementations. We can help you build and enhance these capabilities, equipping you with the organizational structure, processes and playbook you need to accelerate and sustain change.

Coaching & Readiness for Change Leadership

We focus on unlocking the extraordinary potential of individuals and teams by addressing the human challenges that arise in complex transformations—helping leaders and managers to “lead from the front.” This includes leader action planning, sponsor and leader alignment and providing managers with future state scenarios to ready their workforce.

Organization Design & Development

We design and develop the future organization needed to support your business strategy. This includes the structure and employment models, reporting relationships, required skills and competencies, and the shared values and behaviors to optimize how people drive and support strategic priorities.

Communications Planning & Execution

Through a steady stream of carefully crafted communications and feedback channels, we can help you build awareness and understanding to reduce organizational resistance, manage expectations and motivate support from employees. Our plans support the “who, what, when, why and how” through tailored communication and outreach developed and deployed to people impacted by change initiatives.

Training, Planning & Instructional Design

We maximize the chance of successful transformations through providing the training impacted users need to develop the necessary proficiency to work successfully in the future state. We develop the training resources, tools, knowledge and support teams need to adapt and prosper—and transition with ease.

Managing Change for New Systems, Processes & Adoption

To minimize risk, maximize efficiency and optimize productivity, we provide thoughtful change management plans that drive adoption and boost engagement with new systems or processes—upping the odds for smooth and successful transitions.

Culture Assessment & Improvement

Organizational culture can stand in the way of effective change. By understanding the beliefs, values and attitudes of your employees, we identify the obstacles impeding change—creating measurable strategies that align with your culture and minimize the risk of failure.

Change Management Measurement & Metrics

We believe measuring success shouldn’t be guesswork. We collect and analyze data to enable objective feedback on progress and accountability—so you can make informed decisions toward your successful transformation.

Building Lasting Transformation Through Service Design

This insurer embarked on a reinvention journey to enhance their customer experience while improving claims processing. Veracity utilized service design and experience research to identify opportunities for change in people, processes, and technology. The service model reinvention resulted in improved customer interactions, streamlined sales partner communications, and enhanced employee efficiency.