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The Office of Connected Care (OCC) within the VA aims at making healthcare more accessible to Veterans through digital products. Tasked with creating and maintaining a variety of apps under the Connected Care umbrella, the OCC ensures Veterans can choose the healthcare options that work best for them. When they needed a partner to guarantee those products were efficient and useful, they chose Veracity. 

Veracity helped stand up a UX Center of Excellence and Innovation that prioritizes rapid experimentation and user feedback to improve Veteran experience. Our team is embedded in various stages throughout the development process for multiple OCC applications—from the initial discovery phase, where we establish the overall needs and requirements for the products, extending to the validation phase, where we ensure the products effectively serve Veteran and provider needs.

Thanks to a longstanding relationship, Veracity continues to co-create with several product teams to envision and enhance OCC’s portfolio. 

Transforming Research into a Competitive Advantage

Before beginning a build, the OCC first needs to benefit from learnings of similar applications and identify potential product features. During each concepting phase, our team performed a competitive analysis of similar app experiences to inform feature ideas for design and improvement. We synthesized that information to compile the functional and nonfunctional experience requirements. 

Problem-Solving to Create Compelling Experiences

To ensure the OCC created compelling and useful Veteran experiences, it’s essential to clearly articulate the problem we’re solving for. We hosted virtual workshops and stakeholder sessions, interviewing over 100 Veterans and providers to painstakingly gather and map insights like user goals, pain points and behaviors.  

Increasing Adoption & Engagement Through Iterative Concepting

Incorporating learnings from the competitive analysis and stakeholder inputs, we then performed moderated user testing to validate assumptions about user needs and goals. We merged those insights into the final design, handing them off to the product team who we then partnered with to continually re-test and iterate.  


As a longstanding and trusted OCC partner, our work continues to provide both the vision and recommendations for ongoing improvements for many OCC products—both live and in-flight—including:  

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) app 
  • Virtual Care Manager (VCM) 
  • Share My Health Data (SMHD) 
  • VA Video Connect (VVC) 
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Project Outcomes

Enrolled Veterans Supported Through OCC Applications
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Interviews with Veterans and Providers in 2023
Projects Successfully Completed with OCC in 2023