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Advancing transformative government services, we focus on enriching the Veteran experience and community well-being. Our solutions simplify processes, ensure service continuity, and drive informed decision-making, all while fostering trust through consistent, monitored, and high-quality delivery.

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We forge pathways that transform government, shaping a digital-first environment where every Veteran and workforce interaction is empowered by responsive and responsible technology.

Designing Integrated Service Frameworks for the Modern Government Landscape

Our integrated approach to digital transformation in the government sector is grounded in the synergy of data and technology, process innovation and frictionless user experience. We create robust platforms that enhance service delivery and enable decision-making through data-driven insights and human behavior. Our model is about empowering stakeholders, streamlining operations, and driving Veteran impact, ensuring that government services are accessible, responsive, and sustainable.

Designing Integrated Service Frameworks for the Modern Government Landscape

Human-Centered Design Transforming Customer/Veteran Experience

Our in-depth research across quantitative and qualitative measures informs a customer experience vision that not only addresses real user needs but also delivers tangible business results. We strike a balance between immersive understanding and swift learning cycles to ensure solutions are contextually crafted for meaningful engagement.

Data Management and Analytics Empowering the Enterprise

At Veracity, we deliver comprehensive, business-centric data services to foster growth and operational efficiency. Our expertise spans Data Management & Governance, Analytics, and Business Intelligence, integrating these pillars to enrich the Veteran experience.

Holistic DevSecOps Fueling Transparency and Continuous Quality Delivery

We are the catalysts for rapid, trusted change, ingrained with proactive monitoring and a commitment to quality. Our approach provides transparency into system health, preemptively identifying and addressing potential challenges to maintain seamless service for users and partners.

Government Service Offerings

Master Data Management & Governance

Master Data Management, a key component of data management, is having your data in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition. Seems simple but too many organizations approach MDM as a tool problem. The success of a Master Data Management is dependent on the due diligence and analysis prior to the definition of architecture and tooling. We work across the organization to understand key business imperatives, the data entities which support these imperatives and establish an enterprise data view by profiling your data and defining data relationships and lineage, metadata, and data integration. Ultimately, the master data management platform facilitates improved data quality, better decision making and establish a single source of truth for essential data entities. We live and breathe your data and implement the tools and processes to cultivate an environment where data is reliable, accurate, secure and used to its fullest potential.

Data Governance and Data Management are not the same but one should never exist without the other. A governance framework is critical to document the standards, ownership, policies and procedures, data quality rules, and ultimately create a shared vocabulary. Just as important as the actual governance framework is the alignment that is driven through the collaborative process. To ensure your governance model is effective and evolving with your organization, we implement compliance monitoring and learning cycles to promote a culture of data awareness.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

With the explosion of data and the recognition of the power of analytics in every aspect of life, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence has also become critical initiatives. We apply techniques for exploration, mining and analysis to transform data into insights, define and analyze past trends and forecasting future outcomes to drive growth and create efficient operations. We partner with your organization to cultivate data and analytics literacy in the organization and provide the tools and training to enable your business to augment their expertise with the insights from AI.

Human Centered Design & Human Factors Engineering

At the heart of innovative solutions lies a profound understanding of user needs. Our Human Centered Design & Human Factors Engineering service leverages decades of research and practical application to translate user feedback into actionable insights and design improvements. We collaborate closely with clients to streamline service delivery, ensuring tools and technologies not only meet but exceed user expectations. Through discovery sessions, strategic prototyping, and comprehensive roadmap development, we forge intuitive and empowering experiences for users while maintaining sustainability and efficiency for our clients. Our end goal is to design solutions that resonate deeply with users, ensuring a seamless interaction with products and services that matter most.

Communication Strategy & Execution

In an era where clear, impactful communication is the cornerstone of success, our Communication Strategy & Execution service stands out by transforming complex narratives into compelling, easily understandable messages. We specialize in crafting bespoke communication strategies that enhance visibility, streamline information flow, and unify vision across all stakeholder levels. Through a mix of narrative-driven innovation and strategic brand positioning, we demystify complexities and empower stakeholders, ensuring that the essence of your mission not only reaches but also resonates with your intended audiences. Our approach emphasizes the creation of a cohesive and impactful brand experience, designed to foster stakeholder engagement and elevate organizational narratives.

Cloud & Platform Modernization

The digital ecosystem is powerful and ever changing. There is always a better way to do what was done yesterday. When it comes to modernization, organizations often prioritize the “what” and “how” before understanding the “why” and “who.” That’s the opposite of how it should be. Transformations should be centered around people. We believe that transformation should consider the total experience—one that empowers employees, engages customers and evolves business to compete for tomorrow. Our journey starts with the power of listening, we break down barriers for next-level agility and build a foundation for long-term growth.

DevSecOps Strategy & Execution

Empowering rapid change while building trust within the organization. Our expert engineers apply a collaborative, cross functional approach to development pipelines with proactive monitoring and quality measures as well as robust compliance and governance practices. By integrating security into development practices, we enable harmony between your development, security and operations teams. Software applications have improved reliability and resilience and accelerated delivery and innovation.

Workforce Enablement & Automation

Our approach to enablement starts by understanding your workforces’ unmet needs then designing solutions to nurture their entire transformational journey. Through automation, we help organizations work smarter, faster and people-first. Our transformations digitize and automate siloed processes, connect people and create experiences that drive loyalty and improve your bottom line. We have a long history of partnerships with key players recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the most sought-after technology products in the industry, including our Elite Partnership with ServiceNow.

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