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At Veracity, We Don’t Just Advise, We Lead

No matter your digital transformation journey, we fully immerse ourselves in your people, your processes and your competition to craft a long-term vision grounded in ideas that shape your reality—improving your odds for success and helping you compete for tomorrow, today.

We identify possibilities that lead to progressshaping transformation through data, authentic experiences and powerful insights.

Shaping Your Strategy for Transformation

Discover Real Challenges to Expose Real Solutions

To effectively differentiate, we take the time to listen and understand the unique issues facing your business, collecting deeps insights that expose impactful business opportunities.

Personalize Powerful Storytelling Through Empathy

We immerse ourselves in your customers, analyzing their behaviors, their mindsets, their needs and motivations—to contextualize their experiences into brand value and drive loyalty.

Translate Needs to Quality-Tested Outcomes

We accelerate improvements by translating insights into actionable, solutions through research and quality-testing, purposefully informing every design and technical decision.

Our Methodology

We understand the challenges facing modern enterprises and offer expert guidance to companies seeking to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving market. Veracity brings varied perspectives and extensive experience delivering strategic solutions that yield real, sustainable, long-term, transformative results. Discover how:

Advisory & Strategic Consulting

Whether youre redesigning your operations, planning for a transformation, designing a new experience, or modernizing technologies, Veracity offers full advisory and strategic consulting capabilities. Our solutions are rooted in a people-first approach created to install value and deliver trust.

User Research & Insights

We employ a variety of methods to get to the heart of your customer and truly understand their journey. From attitudinal to behavioral data, user insights inform our entire strategy; from designing an experience to crafting a touchpoint, our solutions are backed by data.

Competitive & Market Research

Identify your competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Here, we determine (and insightfully define) your positioning to increase brand relevancy, value, and differentiation.

Persona & Use Case Development

We help you define opportunities for change by understanding each user first—articulating their behavior and anticipating their needs through rich persona development and defining use case scenarios across every interaction.

Experience Strategy & Assessments

Veracity can help you create unparalleled experiences for both your customers and employees. Our approach places equal value on both front stage and backstage activities, helping you define better end-to-end customer experiences that improve all customer-facing touchpoints and impacting services or interactions.

Business Process Design & Service Orchestration

To effectively connect needs with goals, we integrate technology into your end-to-end workflows—orchestrating interactions by automating and digitizing mundane processes and services to unite your entire enterprise ecosystem.

Technical Strategy & Assessments

We help organizations implement the latest technology trends and prepare for what’s next—improving operational efficiencies, managing risk and exceeding expectations.

Platform Selection & Tool Enablement

We help you assess your digital landscape, identify and select the right technologies, then seamlessly implement and integrate the solutions within your enterprise, finding opportunities to refine, transform and mature.

Enterprise Architecture & Solution Strategy

Updating and modernizing outdated technology and architecture can be an overwhelming prospect for many organizations. Throughout the entire transformation process, we take a comprehensive approach to technology redesign and migration. We start by assessing your current digital state, then work with your team to define and develop your future digital footprint that minimizes cost and reduces legacy risks and inefficiencies.

Roadmap Development

Veracity will work closely with your organization to prioritize improvement and develop a transformation plan that empowers phased growth. We will help you define a vision that’s rooted in organizational change—improving services, teams, touchpoints and processes from a surface-to-core perspective for meaningful and holistic change.

Reimaging Customer Experience Through User Strategy and Business Agility

Veracity applied a series of design-thinking methods, including user research, comprehensive journey design, and empathy mapping to effectively understand user needs. These tools, combined with business agility principles, enabled us to deliver a revitalized roadmap strategy that streamlined customer experiences across content and services.