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Realize Your Vision With a Partner Who Gets the Bigger Picture.

We’ve built a practice dedicated to addressing business challenges​ through impactful digital workflows. With human-centered design methodologies and one of the world’s most highly certified teams, every project pioneers a path to ServiceNow success for clients across the globe. It’s not ServiceNow as usual; with us, it’s ServiceNow reimagined.

Connect Your People, Processes, and Technology

With a powerful team by your side, anything is possible. Our dedicated ServiceNow engineers, researchers, process consultants, taxonomists, and creatives set us apart. We turn your employee, customer and operational challenges into tailored digital workflow solutions across various industries. The ethos of our approach? Don’t just make ServiceNow work, make it work for specific needs.

Years of Experience in the ServiceNow Ecoystem
Platform Implementations 
Across Various Industries
Product Line Certifications
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Global Regions Covered to Support Local Transformation

Bridge the Gap Between Strategy & Execution

ServiceNow is a powerful tool waiting to supercharge your team, but let’s face it, getting it right is no small feat. We focus on simplifying ServiceNow success by arming organizations with the right tools and a straightforward path. The outcome? Faster platform results, optimized operations, enhanced agility, and more organizations opting to work with us.

Vision & Realization Workshops

Enterprise Architecture

Process Maturity Roadmaps

Discovery Engagement

Experience ServiceNow Innovation, Not Limitation

We take time to truly understand your business and platform goals, user behavior, and work processes to see your systems and culture from every angle. Our human-centered design approach combines “what-if’s” with “what-now’s,” helping organizations in adopting innovation like GenAI and inventive accelerators to tailor workflows for increased efficiency. This elevates your experience and guarantees seamless integration throughout your entire ecosystem—helping all levels of your organization work as one.

Experience Design & Prototypes

Implementation, Integration & Migration

Agile Delivery

User Research, Journeys & Persona Development

Business Process Improvements & Analytics

Content & Taxonomy

Realize Value In Your ServiceNow Investment

It’s not enough to simply implement new systems; real transformation demands continuous improvement. Whether we’ve built your roadmap or rigorously manage your service, we leverage a system of governance and support to ensure your platform remains highly adopted, sustainable, and performant without disruption.

Platform Maintenance

Organizational Change Management

User Testing & Insights Reporting

Enhancements & Upgrades

Craft Workflows that Work

Navigating the intricacies of ServiceNow workflows, we’ve pinpointed distinctive challenges, pain points, and unexplored opportunities, establishing ourselves as your steadfast partner committed to optimizing the platform from day one. We seamlessly integrate your investment into daily operations, ensuring ServiceNow becomes an indispensable asset to drive operational excellence and improve employee and customer interactions.

Customer Workflows

Taking customer service to the next level is more than just engagement—it’s about blending a smooth front-end experience with efficient back-end workflows for tangible results. Using customer journeys, we enhance service operations by bringing together front, middle, and back offices to proactively address issues and automate common requests. Together with ServiceNow, we create a robust customer experience platform, making it easier for customers to positively impact your bottom line.

Specialties Include: Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Service Management (FSM) within the realms of Financial Services and Healthcare Life Sciences (HCLS).

Employee & HR Workflows

A connected workforce is an effective workforce. We empower an effective and connected workforce through platform expertise and human-centered practices, prioritizing employee needs for an exceptional experience throughout their entire journey. From streamlined onboarding and off-boarding workflows to connecting employees across digital channels, simplifying access to services, support, and information, we enable them to excel in their work from anywhere.

Specialties Include: HR Service Delivery (HRSD), Workplace Service Delivery (WSD), Employee Center Pro (ECPro), Employee Journey Management

Technology & Asset Workflows

Top organizations thrive on technological excellence and a robust digital foundation, allowing them to innovate confidently and provide a world-class environment for employees and customers. Our commitment includes ensuring an always-on, automated IT operations service that boosts productivity and elevates experiences. From modernizing and automating crucial aspects like IT ticketing, asset management, and workflows to streamlining end-to-end flows, integrations, and back-end systems through a unified platform, we deliver comprehensive solutions for your organization’s success.

Specialties Include: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Operation, Risk & Compliance Workflows

In the current business landscape, regulatory pressures and complex risk scenarios challenge organizations in their pursuit of digital transformation for competitiveness and profitability. Conventional methods for compliance and risk management transformation are falling short, and embracing innovative solutions is essential to streamline procedures, enhance risk mitigation, and foster sustainable growth. We specialize in embedding risk-informed decisions into daily operations, offering real-time visibility to safeguard your organization from uncertainty. Mitigate risks and build a resilient, growth-focused business with improved visibility, increased productivity, and confident risk management.

Specialties Include: Integrated Risk Management (IRM), GRC, Security Operations (SecOps), Vendor Risk Management (VRM), Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Creator Workflows

Dealing with the hurdle of shadow IT, encompassing crucial yet overlooked legacy applications, is a widespread challenge for organizations. We address this by transforming outdated apps, integrating them into your organization’s governance framework, and unlocking innovation, agility, and productivity through user-friendly low-code development and hyper-automation. Our approach empowers your team with accessible low-code tools, automates processes, connects them to ServiceNow, and digitizes manual tasks into efficient workflows. Additionally, we modernize operations with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), contemporary tools, and break down automation barriers through creator workflows to enhance outputs.

Specialties Include: App Engine, Automation Engine, Integration Hub, Veracity Exclusive Grievance & Appeals Accelerator

Industry Workflows

We utilize our specialized knowledge and deep industry expertise to differentiate your business and navigate the unique platform challenges and opportunities in your field.

Specialties Include: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Government & Public Sector, Non-Profit & Education, Financial Services, Technology & Communications, Professional Business Services, Oil & Gas

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Trusted by 250+ ServiceNow Clients Worldwide

We’re pleased to deliver the key functionalities of IRM successfully. The deployment activities have been well-planned and seamlessly executed by the team. Thank you for your amazing support on this project.

Risk & Project ManagerData-Driven Digital Bank, Singapore

I love working with Veracity. We need more people to challenge us to think about our current problems for future outcomes.

ServiceNow Platform OwnerFortune 500 Financial Company

What we've accomplished so far with Veracity is so much more than what we thought we could achieve—and we're excited for what's to come.

Leadership TeamGovernment Agency

Veracity truly helped us transform our business for the digital age. Thanks to their innovative solutions and deep expertise, we were able to streamline our operations, increase our efficiency, and deliver better value to our.

Jennifer ReyesVP, Johnson & Johnson

Proudly Supporting Local Transformation

High-touch service means high-value transformation.

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