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About Us

Meet Veracity

Veracity—it means honesty, integrity and straightforwardness—and it’s more than our name, it’s our DNA. We’re human-centric solution seekers, a team of daring achievers rooted in deep expertise and passion to deliver value through holistic solutions.

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We’re big on people, simple processes and technology that connects. This is how true transformation happens—transformations that empower​ employees, engage customers and evolve businesses to compete for tomorrow.

Our Story, Powered by RGP

In 2015 we started small, but our accomplished group of consultants rapidly grew into a powerful firm innovating solutions for Fortune 500 businesses in a way the big competitors couldn’t match. And that was just the beginning.

In 2019, there was a knock at our door. We were acquired by RGP, a multinational business with 4,300+ subject-matter experts. Now, Veracity and RGP effortlessly fuse substantial expertise in more than 10 industries to deliver transformational outcomes for an ever-demanding digital world.

Accelerating Our Growth

Experience has taught us it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about delivering the right people, to the right place, at the right time. Together with RGP, we build workforces as nimble as the people who comprise them—made up of those who see challenge as opportunity. And, with scalable resources and best-in-class frameworks, we provide personalized solutions in a matter of days, not weeks.

Our Values Define Who We Are

People First

We recognize the powerful interconnection between customers and employees. Employees who are valued and supported lead to great customer experiences, building devoted brands of choice formed on trust.

Truth Tellers

Truth can be hard, but it’s essential to transformation. We may not tell you what you want to hear, but we always tell you what you need to hear. The word Veracity means honesty, integrity, and straightforwardness. It’s not just a name, it’s our DNA.

Solution Seekers

We’re big on people, simple processes, and technology that connects—this is how we believe solutions should be approached. When creating adaptable, user-friendly experiences, technology should bridge, not control, the relationship between your people and processes.​

Courageous Thinkers

We’re thinkers first and doers second—that’s what sparks our unconventional ideas and courageous ventures. When we think with intention, we look past the easy and obvious, empowering organizations to go beyond the status quo.

Daring Achievers

We pursue colleagues and clients who dare to be extraordinary—and advocate for that morale in others. We’re led by our Day 1 mentality, exemplifying the same enthusiasm, ambitions, and energy we originated with.

Dedicated Partners

No matter your company story, size, or standing, we work as a team to understand you. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all—we design solutions that work for you and you specifically. Our processes are both mutual and personalized because it is your vision that stimulates our innovations.

5k employees worldwide
4.9 glassdoor rating
Awarded best mid-size company by forbes


They’re approachable. They’re visionary. They’re helping you compete for tomorrow.


Bhadresh gets his energy from making things happen. Be it building organizations, identifying untapped opportunities, brokering unique partnerships or collaborating across organizations and functions—Bhadresh has the drive to make a difference.

SVP, Head of Veracity Operations

As a topnotch leader, consultant and collaborator with 25 years in the industry, Jon knows selecting a consulting partner is an important decision; and businesses have a choice. With in-depth expertise in strategy through delivery, he’s dedicated to bringing his clients success.

SVP, Development ​& Integration

Elisa is an unstoppable force. She catalyzes organizational success by empowering individuals, fostering growth and unlocking their true potential, going above and beyond to maximize talent and unlock remarkable achievements for companies.

SVP, Brand Experience & Marketing

Jen’s core belief: design is a game changer. She believes in the power of smart, conceptual design to shape minds and impact others with innovative, thought-provoking ideas that spark joy and inspiration.

Managing Director, Health Vertical Lead

Rachel thrives on working with people and organizations to drive, lead and solve their most complex issues. Collaborating across multiple levels and functions, her passion lies in helping teams progress to achieve organizational goals.

Managing Director, Convergence

A trusted advisor to clients, Matt’s biggest professional passion is bringing success to everyone he works with. Matt’s focus and energy coupled with his wisdom and expertise makes him a sought-after partner for tackling the most complex endeavors.

Managing Director, CXM Technologies

Woody thrives on delivering business value through digital transformation. He has a true passion for solving problems by leveraging technologies and helping business succeed by driving technical strategy and adoption, client relationships and strategic partnerships.

Managing Director, WXM Technologies

Todd is determined to make a difference in the world. Over his 25+ year career, he’s seen firsthand how technology changes lives for the better. As Practice Manager for ServiceNow Solutions, he helps businesses digitally transform while inspiring those around him.

Managing Director, Business Development​

Motivated by the success of those around him, Mark thrives as a servant leader. Whether seeking to understand client challenges, coaching high-performing teams, or solving complex issues, Mark’s  ‘go-giver’ approach continues to pay dividends.

CX Delivery Lead

Danielle’s servant leadership philosophy empowers her team to deliver innovation and quality in large enterprise projects. Collaborating with her team, she identifies, drives and transforms strategic initiatives into effective, profitable solutions.

Vice President, Digital Services APAC

A dynamic leader with 25+ years experience leading transformation initiatives, Sachin has become a trusted advisor to clients. Sachin provides valuable leadership in areas of strategy, procurement, supply chain, business transformation and more.

Vice President, Client Development Europe

Rob has a remarkable talent for identifying untapped opportunities. Through collaboration with clients and partner teams, he provides training and coaching to drive sustainable programs and foster team ownership beyond delivery.

Our Culture

We’re a hard-working team driven by our differences. In fact, our diverse culture shapes the way we think, the way we collaborate, the way we create.