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About Us

We’re Different by Design

The decision to transform your business is a bold one. There’s a certain safety in processes and solutions that are “good enough for now”, but when you’re ready for radical transformation, you want a partner with the guts and vision to get you there. At Veracity, we’re about breaking the mold. We help organizations rethink the traditional in favor of something better. One-size-fits all? Not even close. Here, you get specialized expertise, unparalleled agility, and solutions that are all about people.

As part of RGP’s family of brands, we work together to revolutionize how enterprise organizations operate. With RGP and Countsy, we’re redefining what it means to work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re starting up, scaling up, or evolving, our tailored engagement models make it easy for you to do your best work, wherever and whenever you need to.

Digital & Functional Consulting

Big changes can be tough, but we make them easier for you. Unlike many firms that handle either digital or functional transformations, we do both. This means you won’t have to figure out how to make different solutions work together on your own. Think of us as your one-stop shop for total transformation, bridging the gap between improving your processes and implementing cutting-edge technology like AI. Our team handles the whole picture for you. With our experience and clear guidance, we make each step faster, simpler, and even enjoyable.

Dynamic Workforce Model ™

The old model of rigid, slow-to-change workforces is no longer enough. That’s why we built a team that breaks the mold. We’ve brought together top minds from all corners of the business world–Big Four consultancies, creative agencies, and cutting-edge tech firms. This unique blend of expertise allows us to think differently, solve problems creatively, and deliver results that matter in today’s fast-paced environment. The best part? We help our clients do the same. Whether you need to quickly scale your team, bring in specialized skills, or adapt to market changes, we provide the right people, right when you need them.

People-First Philosophy

Virtually every Forbes Global 2000 company is on a digital transformation journey, but research reveals 70% of these efforts fail. Why? Most rush to purchase technology and automate old processes, neglecting the human element. At Veracity, we’re all about prioritizing people–whether they’re employees, patients, customers, and beyond. We start with really getting what they need, so every interaction feels just right for them. Understanding the entire service journey allows us to surprise and delight end-users and build successful transformations that resonate with users, increase adoption and ROI, and enhance satisfaction.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Our cross-functional expertise seamlessly integrates all aspects of your organization. By fostering environments that encourage innovation, adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration across functions, we create a synergy where each initiative supports the others. As your organization evolves, our diverse capabilities enable you to adapt quickly to changing needs. With a unified vision, we amplify the impact of your transformation efforts, ensuring meaningful and lasting growth.

Veracity Leadership

Leading With Heart

They’re visionary. They’re approachable. They’re helping you compete for tomorrow.

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Bhadresh Patel

Chief Operating Officer, RGP

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Jon Bohlman


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Elisa Parkin

Senior Vice President, Development & Integration

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Jennifer Jones

Senior Vice President, Business Development, BX & Marketing

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Michael Allen

Vice President, Operations and Finance

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Andy Jones

Vice President, Finance Transformation

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Elon Friedman

Vice President, Tax & Treasury

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Ian Burnett

Vice President, Internal Audit & Compliance

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Jessica Harris

Vice President, Procurement & Supplier Management

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Kathryn Pazely

Vice President, Business Technology

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Matt Kumper

Managing Director, Convergence

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Naren Shetty

General Manager, Digital COE

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Rachel Adler

Managing Director, Health Vertical Lead

Rahul Garg looking at the camera
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Rahul Garg

Regional Managing Director, ServiceNow Practice, APAC

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Robert Olszak

Vice President, Manufacturing & Logistics

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Rory Fitzpatrick

Regional Managing Director, ServiceNow Practice, APAC

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Todd Fudala

ServiceNow Practice, North America

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Woody Carlisle

Managing Director, CXM Technologies

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