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Boost Business Performance with Intelligent Solutions

In today’s digital economy, data, automation and AI unlock opportunities for true business transformation; including next-generation customer experiences, greater operational efficiency and new revenue streams. That’s why our team of passionate analysts help you translate those insights into true business value, making it easy to access, interpret and act.

Successful transformations rely on beautifully orchestrated workflows, intelligent solutions and high-quality, accessible data presented in relevant and consumable ways. We combine our expertise with your insight to create a data-driven culture with high business impact.

Shaping Value for Successful Transformation

Eliminate Friction Through Thoughtful Value Creation

A first step to value creation; we improve analytics through assessing current tools, reports and metrics, and data-capturing code—addressing data challenges through precise measurement frameworks and performance-driven KPIs.

Prioritize People for Supercharged Growth

To learn and gain insights from data is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We help define user personas and use case scenarios for a holistic view—generating high-value insights and real-time visualizations that answer your organization’s most pressing questions.

Orchestrate Engagement for a Sustainable Infrastructure

Our transformations digitize and automate siloed processes, connect people to insights and create experiences that intelligently learn and improve over time. We help you build a sustainable data infrastructure that supports ongoing improvement.

Our Methodology

Veracity’s experience and forethought with intelligent, data-first modernizations eliminate friction both inside and outside of your organization, delivering happier workplaces, more innovation and enterprise risk mitigation. Here’s how:

Data & Analytics Strategy

We leverage data and AI to achieve business goals by identifying data sources, selecting tools and defining KPIs and establishing processes for governance. We work with you to establish your path to readiness and help put a plan into action for making informed decisions and gaining a competitive advantage grounded in insights.

Data Quality

We identify, correct and enhance your data according to defined business rules to resolve integrity issues, ensure consistency, and uncover the root causes of the quality problems. We can help you implement the tools and processes to continuously monitor quality and take action to correct the quality issue.

Data Management

Having your data in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition is imperative. This may involve building a master data solution, implementing a self-service analytics platform, deploying a data fabric architecture, or taking it all the way to a data mesh model. We work with you to develop a tailored-to-you approach establishing clear data policies, procedures and standards, and investing in appropriate data management tools and technologies.

Data Governance

We maximize and manage the value of your data assets by helping you establish governance, processes and tools to manage them effectively. This could include setting standard data definitions, assigning decision-making rights, appointing data owners, monitoring compliance, and promoting a culture of data awareness. By implementing these measures, we can help you cultivate an environment where data is reliable, accurate, and used to its fullest potential.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Apply techniques for exploration, mining and analysis to transform data into insights, drive growth, increase profit and create efficient operations. We work alongside you to cultivate data and analytics literacy in the organization and provide the tools and training to enable your business to augment their expertise with the insights from AI.

Experience Analytics & Insights

We work with you to optimize and improve your experience journeys through collecting and analyzing customer data. Our 360-approach incorporating both attitudinal and behavioral data will ensure customer-approved products and services and competitive differentiation.

User-Centric Dashboards & Reporting

Data is never a one-size-fits-all; or even most. Tailored, self-service access is key to true transformative insights. We work to define your organizational data needs by individual, department or business unit, providing dashboards, reporting or visualizations that allow people to react and respond in real-time.

Prescribing Digital Workflows to Mitigate Fraud Risk

Veracity worked hand-in-hand with this pharmaceutical company to concept their future-state vision through persona development, journey mapping and extensive workshops. By leveraging ServiceNow to streamline tasks and provide access to data, they were fully equipped to track and fight fraud efficiently and with confidence.