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Our client, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is dedicated to enhancing emotional wellbeing in the workplace through online assessments and treatment for anxiety and other mental health issues. So when they started facing challenges with their outdated mobile application, they began falling behind the competition. The app was no longer sustainable to maintain and, because previous attempts to develop a new version had failed, they needed help designing and developing a replacement application—within a tight timeframe of 6 months.

To tackle the project, Veracity conducted a thorough analysis of the existing mobile landscape and collaborated closely with stakeholders to design a new solution. Leveraging Agile development methodology, Veracity worked alongside the client’s IT resources to successfully complete the development process. The team meticulously launched the minimum viable product (MVP) features as planned, ensuring a timely release of the initial mobile application in the U.S.

Enabling the competitive edge through fast-tracked mobile app design.

Delivering Global Excellence Through Collaboration

Following the successful launch of the U.S. mobile application, Veracity extended its partnership with the client’s global product team to refresh the international app. By leveraging the knowledge gained from the initial project, our team implemented customization, chat functionality, self-service tools, refreshed content and other key features, bringing both applications to competitive parity, resulting in an enhanced user experience for over 15 million users worldwide.

Empowering Users with Enhanced Functionality & Accessibility

Through the EAP Mobile Refresh project, Veracity empowered users with a range of essential features—enabling customization, seamless communication through chat and self-service tools. The refreshed content and improved functionality combined with the applications’ availability to millions of users worldwide delivered impactful user experience enhancements and positioned the client as a leader in the industry.
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