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Rivvir, (like most businesses) started with a vision—they believed in the power of technology to transform the way we live, work and play and wanted to disrupt the event industry with a next-generation payment app that simplified the drink-buying experience at events and venues. In collaboration with their co-founders, Veracity pioneered a first-of-its-kind payment app that optimized the drink ordering process so event-goers could spend less time in line and more time having fun.


The Vision

Rivvir dreamed big but needed Veracity’s technical mastery to turn vision into reality. We dove deep into workshops, competitive analysis, and prototyping to craft a solid product strategy, ensuring success from concept to execution.


Designing Fun Into Every Sip

From welcome messages to transaction screens, Veracity brought Rivvir’s app to life with sleek UX application design. User-focused wireframes set the stage, incorporating a bold and playful brand through functional design systems and a real-time drink animation, turning a once-negative experience into a fun-filled engagement.


Prototyping the Future

To showcase their vision, Rivvir needed a robust prototype. Veracity’s technical prowess brought the sleek UX design to life, optimizing and user-testing every aspect. From strategy to UX design, we proudly created a first-of-its-kind application.

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