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Empowering procurement optimization with cost efficiency, advanced technology, and ethical practices to ensure strategic value and market adaptability.

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Your Cure for Procurement Optimization

In procurement, balancing cost reduction with quality, value creation, and supplier management is challenging. Professionals must navigate complex global supply chains, changing market conditions, and regulations while ensuring sustainability and ethics. We help organizations optimize procurement for agility and strategic value. Our services include cost optimization, efficiency, talent building, change management, and advanced procurement technology. By strengthening supplier partnerships and leveraging advanced technologies, we drive lasting value and help you adapt to market changes, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Procurement Transformation & Automation

By leveraging AI and RPA to predict demand and optimize inventory, we help you make smarter decisions. We use blockchain for transparent supply chain management, enhancing trust. Our goal is to improve human capabilities, ensuring procurement processes are efficient and future-ready without replacing your valuable people with robots.

Customer-Centricity & Data Analytics

The customer is always right, even in procurement. By adopting a service-oriented approach, we deliver higher value to both internal and external customers, ensuring efficient and effective procurement processes. Our predictive analytics also forecast supply chain trends and disruptions, enabling proactive risk management.

Strategic & Ethical Sourcing

We continuously uncover opportunities to maximize your working capital and create business value through category management and strategic sourcing. Our focus on green procurement and circular economy practices emphasizes sustainability, recycling, reuse, and waste reduction. We create procurement processes that are efficient, ethical, and environmentally sound.

Risk & Supplier Relationship Management

Mitigate supplier risk and strengthen vendor relationships with us. We create strategic partnerships with key suppliers to foster innovation and long-term value. Plus, we develop strategies to enhance supply chain resilience and ensure compliance with global regulations, trade policies, and labor laws.

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Expert Support for Any Challenge

Procurement Transformation

At Veracity, we believe in people-first procurement. Our approach centers around your team, ensuring they are fully supported throughout their procurement journey. By understanding the needs and roles of each user, we craft a seamless experience with clear communication and adoption. We streamline processes and workflows, orchestrating automation for all source-to-pay activities. This means your internal resources can focus on high-value strategic tasks, empowered by real-time actionable insights.

Source-to-Pay Technology

Experience operational efficiency as we seamlessly automate your procurement processes from source to payment, leveraging the future with advanced Source to Pay (S2P) technologies and AI solutions. With our help, we help you say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined operations that save time and resources, empowering your team to focus on driving value where it matters most.

Supplier Rationalization

Streamline your supplier landscape with our expert team. We’ll identify and consolidate your supplier base, cutting complexity and optimizing your procurement processes. This means improved communication, stronger supplier relationships, and significant cost savings through strategic consolidation.

Category Management

Reveal hidden value within your procurement processes with our specialized approach. We identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize working capital, and drive tangible business value. From strategic sourcing to contract lifecycle management, we tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring every dollar spent delivers maximum ROI.

Strategic Sourcing

From identifying suppliers to negotiating contracts, we’ll lead you through every step of the strategic sourcing journey, empowering your organization to achieve procurement excellence.

Contract Management

Say goodbye to contract headaches with our comprehensive contract management solutions. We streamline the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to execution to renewal, helping you track key milestones, ensure compliance, and minimize risk. Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on your bigger picture.

Supplier/Vendor Risk Management

Protect your business from supplier risks with our robust risk management programs. We’ll help you identify, assess, and mitigate supplier risks, ensuring continuity and resilience in your supply chain. From spending analysis to contract facilitation, our expert team will guide you every step of the way, building strong supplier partnerships that drive long-term success.

Supplier Enablement

Empower your suppliers for success with our comprehensive solutions. We establish management programs and develop custom tools to optimize every aspect of your supplier relationships. Our services ensure compliance, enhance communication, and drive efficiency tailored to your needs.

Master Data Management

Take control of your procurement data with Veracity. We’ll help you centralize, cleanse, and standardize your data, ensuring accuracy and reliability across your procurement processes. From supplier information to item details, our master data management services lay the foundation for effective decision-making and strategic insights.

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Jessica Harris, VP, Procurement & Supplier Management

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Michael Allen, VP, Global Advisory & Project Service

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