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Human-Centered Design

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Combining design, content, and marketing, Veracity's Human-Centered Design services enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for business growth and success.

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Drive Growth by Putting People First

In today’s competitive market, integrating design, content, and marketing into a unified experience is crucial for staying ahead and delighting customers. Embracing human-centered design enhances satisfaction and builds strong brand loyalty by creating seamless customer journeys that exceed expectations. That’s why our diverse team of innovative thinkers and doers puts people at the center of everything we do, designing with purpose, not chasing trends. We build experiences through insights, integration, and design communication, offering a better way of doing business.

Customer Empathy & Inclusive Design

Empathy is at the heart of our business. We begin every project by conducting interviews and using data to gain deep insights into needs and preferences. From the start, we consider diverse user needs, removing barriers to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability, age, or other factors, can fully engage with and benefit from the experience. 

Personalization & Journey Mapping

We pinpoint key moments to improve the customer experience at every step. By tailoring messages and offers based on behaviors, preferences, and past interactions, we make people feel valued. This leads to higher engagement, loyalty, and stronger connections. 

Value Creation

Simply pushing product or services is an outdated way to do business. We deliver results through strategic content, exceptional customer service, and products and services that genuinely solve customer problems. By focusing on true value creation, we help your business thrive and build lasting relationships with your customers. 

Feedback & Continuous Improvement

It’s simple. Regularly seeking customer input to refine products, services, and marketing strategies drives sales. By analyzing feedback, we implement actionable insights to enhance the customer experience, ensuring that your offerings evolve to meet customer needs and expectations, driving sustained success and growth. 

Related Services 

Expert Support for Any Challenge 

Go-to-Market Strategy & Brand Activation

Elevate your brand’s presence and drive market success with tailored strategies that activate your brand effectively, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement to stand out from competitors. Specialties include brand strategy, competitive positioning, brand activation and campaign development, and more. 

Omni-Channel Experiences (Websites, Portals, Apps)

Delight customers with seamless omni-channel experiences across websites, portals, and apps, providing convenience and accessibility while reinforcing your brand identity consistently. 

Service Design

Ensure your services meet and exceed user expectations. We optimize the entire service journey by understanding it from the user’s perspective, identifying pain points, and designing seamless, enjoyable experiences. By involving users in the design process, gathering feedback, and continuously improving, we make every interaction intuitive and satisfying. Our goal is to create services that not only solve problems effectively but also delight users, fostering loyalty and long-term engagement.

Content Strategy, Creation & Taxonomy

Benefit from content that truly connects with your audience. We plan and manage content across various platforms to keep your message consistent and clear. Our high-quality content creation ensures that what we produce resonates with users and strengthens your brand. We also structure and categorize content in a way that reflects the way your users think. By focusing on what your customers need and want, we make sure your content provides a seamless and enriching experience. 

Promotion Materials, Events & Programs

Create memorable brand experiences through immersive events and programs that foster connections, drive brand advocacy, and leave a lasting impression on your audience effectively communicate your brand message and value proposition, enticing customers to act.  

Digital Experience Platforms & Tools

Optimize customer journeys and transform digital experiences with cutting-edge tools and platforms, empowering your brand to deliver seamless, personalized experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, enhance engagement rates and drive business growth.  

Customer, Broker, Provider, Patient & Member Portals

Streamline interactions and enhance relationships with customized portals for customers, brokers, providers, patients, and members, providing easy access to relevant information and services. 

Ecommerce & Online Ordering

Boost sales and convenience with intuitive ecommerce and online ordering solutions that provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, driving revenue and loyalty. 

Rapid Prototyping, Component & System Frameworks

Build scalable and efficient digital ecosystems with robust components and system frameworks that support agility, innovation, and growth, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the digital landscape. 

Customer Service, Case & Records Management

Deliver exceptional customer service experiences with streamlined case and records management systems that enable efficient resolution of issues and foster customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Definition of ETE Technology, Tools, and Processes to Support Vision

Maximize ROI with thorough evaluation and tracking of tools related to tracking and customer engagement, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. We help you realize your business vision with clear definitions of ETE (End-to-End) technology, tools, and processes that support your strategic objectives. 

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Jen Jones, SVP, Business Development, BX & Marketing

Design should break the rules. It should be fearless. It should be dangerous. And, at the very least, it should change things.

Dado Serbic, Creative Director, BX

Creativity thrives on a foundation of deep understanding but soars when we dare to be flexible. It’s about knowing the rules so well that we can break them with confidence. It’s taking the path less traveled, transforming knowledge into something new and unexpected. Design and creativity are ever-changing landscapes, and our approach must evolve with them, embracing the unknown and reinventing the familiar.

Anne-Claire Siegert, Content Director, BX

Our philosophy is simple: Listen first, solution second. By prioritizing the voices of those who will engage with our experiences, we empower every interaction to solve real challenges.