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The Veracity Difference

Build the Infrastructure You Need to Expand

Due to constrained budgets and limited access to funding, it’s challenging for many nonprofits to invest in essential areas like technology, marketing, and staff development. We’re dedicated to supporting nonprofits with strategic, ethically responsible solutions that enhance user experience.

Our services are designed to bring about a positive transformation in your nonprofit’s operations. By building on what’s working to deliver the best experience across all platforms, our goal is always increased engagement and more donations for your cause. We focus on fostering inclusive environments, driving long-term impact, and empowering adaptive leadership to navigate change, ensuring your mission thrives sustainably.

Digital Transformation

Nonprofits increasingly recognize the importance of digital technology in enhancing operations. Veracity can help by implementing cutting-edge digital fundraising strategies, leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making, and adopting advanced technology solutions for program delivery, donor engagement, and impact measurement.

Impact Measurement & Evaluation

Donors and stakeholders demand greater transparency and accountability from nonprofits, driving a focus on impact measurement and outcome evaluation. We help by implementing innovative methodologies and tools to assess and communicate your impact and providing detailed analytics, transparent reporting, and strategic insights to drive donor trust and engagement.

Leadership & Change Management

Nonprofits operate in an environment of rapid change and uncertainty, requiring adaptive leadership and effective change management strategies. Veracity supports nonprofit leaders and staff by building their capacity to navigate change, fostering innovation, and enhancing resilience. We offer tailored training, strategic planning, and continuous support to ensure your organization thrives amid evolving challenges.

DEI, Sustainability & Resilience

Nonprofits face pressure to demonstrate sustainability and resilience amid economic, environmental, and social challenges. We help diversify revenue streams, build financial reserves, and enhance organizational agility. By prioritizing DEI, we foster a diverse workforce, equitable service delivery, and culturally competent programming.

Key Trends

NonProfit Today

digital fundraising strategies


of donors now give to crowdfunding campaigns benefiting nonprofits

Global Reach


of Millennials volunteer locally, with a significant portion also engaging in international volunteering

Market Shifts


was the increase in digital advertising budgets in 2021, indicating a significant shift towards online marketing and fundraising