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Listen, Learn, and Act

In today’s digital economy, data, automation and AI deliver opportunities for true business transformation; including next-generation customer experiences, greater operational efficiency and new revenue streams. That’s why our team of passionate analysts help you translate those insights into true business value, making it easy to access, interpret and act. Veracity offers comprehensive, business-focused data services to enable data-driven insights, drive growth, increase profit and enhance people’s experiences.

Shine Light into Blind Spots

We use diverse methods to deeply understand people’s journeys. From attitudinal to behavioral data, insights shape our strategy; from designing experiences to creating touchpoints, our solutions are data-driven.

Continuous Listening

Retaining customers, top colleagues, or B2B partners depends on hearing their concerns then acting on them. Using your data channels helps spot warning signs and reverse negative trends before it’s too late.

Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis

Identify your competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Here, we determine (and insightfully define) your positioning to increase brand relevancy, value and differentiation.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Apply techniques for exploration, mining and analysis to transform data into insights, growth, profit and efficient operations. We foster data literacy in your organization, providing tools and training to enhance expertise with AI insights.

Related Services

Expert Support for Any Challenge

Experience Analytics & Insights

We work with you to optimize and improve your experience journeys through collecting and analyzing customer data. Our 360-approach incorporating both attitudinal and behavioral data will ensure customer-approved products and services and competitive differentiation.

User-Centric Dashboards & Reporting

Data is never a one-size-fits-all; or even most. Tailored, self-service access is key to true transformative insights. We work to define your organizational data needs by individual, department or business unit, providing dashboards, reporting or visualizations that allow people to react and respond in real-time.

Customer & Employee Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and employees through our analytics and continuous listening solutions. By analyzing feedback and behavior patterns, we help you uncover valuable insights to enhance engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Sentiment & Behavioral Data & Insights

Tap into the emotions and actions of your audience with sentiment and behavioral data analysis. By diving deep into how people feel and what they do, we reveal valuable trends and opportunities you might have missed. This insight-driven method empowers you to fine-tune your strategies for increased ROI.

Persona Data Management & LLM Frameworks

Streamline your persona data management and leverage our LLM (Listen, Learn, Measure) frameworks to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. By segmenting and analyzing persona data effectively, we help you create personalized experiences that resonate with your customers.

Benchmarking, Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis

Stay ahead of the game with experience benchmarking, competitive analysis, and market research offerings. We dig deep into industry trends and compare your performance to competitors, giving you the edge you need to make smart decisions and fuel your growth.

Experience Benchmarking, Analytics, Insights & Reporting

Elevate your customer experience with our experience benchmarking, analytics, insights, and reporting solutions. By crunching the numbers and diving deep into customer feedback, we pinpoint areas where you can elevate satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

Practice leaders

Meet the Experts


Ashley Cook, Director Research & Insights, BX

In today’s data-saturated world, research is crucial to inform high-quality experience design decisions. Merely having an eye for users and listening isn’t always enough—measuring experience with the right level of confidence to make informed decisions is critical. Remember, you measure what you get at the expense of what you don’t.

Terry Peters, Associate Director of User Experience Strategy, BX

Strategy is more than consulting; it’s a bold dance between innovation, business goals, igniting market insights and user obsession to fuel unstoppable growth.

John Neuhoff, Senior UX Researcher, BX

UX research ignites impactful, meaningful transformation. It creates groundbreaking user experiences, setting new standards for engagement and impact.

Gaea Payton, Senior UX Researcher, BX

UX research bridges the gap between user needs and business goals, crafting bold, intuitive solutions that transform and elevate experiences.