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Program & Project Mgmt

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Delivering expert strategy to optimize resources and drive successful outcomes for business growth and efficiency with Veracity's Project Management Consulting Services.

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Align Your Strategy with Effective Execution

Meet our team of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering tangible results for top-tier organizations worldwide through our project management consulting services. With decades of experience under our belt, we’ve mastered the art of handling complex programs and projects. Certified in various frameworks and methodologies, we bring not only expertise in industry practices but also a high level of emotional intelligence, fostering strong and collaborative relationships with our clients.

We believe that successful business outcomes start with a clear vision and alignment across all levels, from executive leadership to the delivery team. By combining rigorous planning, skillful execution, and adaptability, we drive successful results that exceed expectations. Our approach is not just about delivering projects; it’s about continuously optimizing and improving delivery processes to ensure mission-critical initiatives are executed flawlessly.

Project Portfolio Management Consulting

We specialize in fine-tuning your project portfolio to ensure it aligns with your strategic goals and delivers maximum value. With our expert guidance, we streamline portfolios, programs, and individual projects, prioritizing resources and efforts where they matter most.

Project & Resource Management

Our holistic project management approach ensures that your projects not only get completed on time, within budget, and within scope but also deliver the expected benefits consistently. With robust frameworks and methodologies, we minimize the risks of project failure and enhance your organization’s ability to realize its desired outcomes.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is at the core of our project management approach. We work closely with your team to ensure that every project is directly contributing to your organization’s broader strategic objectives. By aligning projects with your vision and goals, we help you stay focused on what truly matters, maximizing the impact of your transformation efforts.

Risk Management

Managing risks is integral to successful business transformation. Our proactive risk management strategies identify, assess, and mitigate potential threats before they derail your projects. By addressing risks early on, we safeguard your transformation journey, ensuring smoother transitions and minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Related Services

Expert Support for Any Challenge

Project/Program Health Evaluation & Recovery

Is your project or program encountering challenges? Our team specializes in conducting thorough assessments to diagnose underlying issues, implement targeted solutions, restore optimal performance, and get it back on track. Our team assesses what’s working and what’s not, then advises tailored strategies to ensure your project or program thrives.

PPM Strategy & Tools Maturity

Enhance the maturity of your project management processes and tools with our expert guidance. Through meticulous assessment, refinement of processes, and strategic tool upgrades, we ensure your systems are optimized to handle any challenge they encounter.

PMP Capability Improvement

Elevate your team’s project management proficiency with our tailored approach. Acting as mentors, we provide targeted training and skill-building exercises to enhance PMP capabilities. Prepare to excel in project management like never before.

Transformation Readiness & Process Transformations

Embarking on a transformation journey? We’ll assess your organization’s readiness, identify strengths and potential roadblocks, and guide you confidently into the future. Whether streamlining operations, adopting new technologies, or overhauling business models, we ensure smooth experiences and tangible results.

PPM Governance Enhancement

Amplify the effectiveness of your project management governance through meticulous fine-tuning of structures, processes, and controls. Our experts bolster efficiency, mitigate risks, and maintain project alignment, ensuring success at every turn.

PMO Standup & Execution

Building a PMO (Project Management Office) from scratch? Let us handle the heavy lifting. From initial setup to full-scale execution, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your PMO is tailored to your organization’s unique needs and ready to drive project success.

Project Delivery for Core Services

Exceed expectations with projects that enhance your core services. Specializing in flawless execution, whether it’s infrastructure upgrades, service expansions, or product development, we ensure your projects leave a lasting, positive impact on your business.

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Meet the Experts


Vinod Mammon, VP, Project Management Services 

Our team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) solutions that ensure successful execution of programs and projects, strategically aligned with the organizational change management goals. By working closely with our client partners, we integrate people, processes, and technology to provide customized portfolio management capabilities. This approach ensures that all our engagements are completed on time, within scope, and aligned with our clients’ long-term business objectives.

Athena Bott, Manager, Project Management Services

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Michael Allen, VP, Project Management Services

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