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Employee Experience

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Employee Experience Strategy is the critical link driving customer service in digital transformations.

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True and Lasting Change Starts Within

The cause-and-effect relationship between employee experience and customer service is pivotal for digital transformation, yet often overlooked. It’s not a matter of ‘if you build it, they will come,’ but rather, what does it take for them to stay? Our unique approach to employee experience strategy starts by understanding your employees’ needs, then crafting solutions that support their journey. Endorsed by the Nielsen Norman Group, we tailor frameworks that are highly-adoptable because they foster engagement.

Our team sees employee experiences like ecosystems made by and for your workforce. These experiences give them the right content and info they need. By working together, we come up with new skills and ideas, letting employees do more on their own with technology that predicts what they need.

Employee Experience & Intranet Strategy

Your employees don’t suffer from a lack of information; they’re drowning in it. We streamline access to essentials, ensuring they get what they need, when they need it. This boosts productivity, enhances satisfaction, and fosters efficiency.

People Insights, Analytics & Blueprints

Use accurate data to move beyond guesswork. Our advanced analytics reveal employee behavior and service gaps, ensuring informed improvements, enhanced satisfaction, and better talent retention for growth.

Technology & Systems Modernization

In today’s workforce, there’s no shortage of technology; but not every technology fits every company. Understanding how employees use your processes and systems helps create an intentional and effective digital ecosystem that boosts productivity and morale.

Change Management

We’ve been there; implementing new processes and tools can be challenging. Our cross-disciplinary teams and hands-on training align with your organization and break down silos. Using a crawl-walk-run approach, we test, learn, and optimize for sustainable growth and success.

Automation & AI

We know the value of automation and AI in enhancing business performance. By scaling these efforts, we handle routine tasks automatically, allowing employees to focus on higher-value work. The result? Improved quality, increased efficiency, and more empowered employees.

Organization Strategy & Design

Crafting an effective organization strategy and design is like architecting the blueprint for success. It’s about aligning your structure, processes, and people to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. Our approach creates agile, resilient, and high-performing organizations primed for success.

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Expert Support for Any Challenge

Employee Journeys & Service Blueprints

Ensure every moment of your employees’ journey is designed to make their time at your organization valuable and enjoyable. We map out their entire journey from start to finish, with deep technical knowledge and strong understanding of multiple vertical domains to provide holistic approaches for your organizational needs.

Employee Brand & Experience

Think of us as the storytellers of your organization’s culture to attract and retain top talent. We craft the personality and vibe of your company, making sure every interaction feels like home. From the first hello to accessing systems, to careers paths, and the final goodbye, we want your employee’s experience to be memorable and meaningful.

Targeted Personalization & Collaboration

Creating an engaging employee experience isn’t one-size-fits-all. Veracity’s 360-targeting strategy personalizes interactions through persona data management, taxonomy, and tagging. Our approach ensures relevant, individualized experiences, boosting adoption and sentiment. Additionally, seamless communication and collaboration tools help employees stay connected, enhancing productivity and passion. When staff are well-equipped internally, they can better serve customers, fostering a cohesive brand experience.

Talent Strategy & Development

Are you ready to stay ahead in the talent game? We specialize in crafting strategies that keep you competitive, whether it’s creating a talent marketplace or streamlining your hiring process for quicker results. Let’s build a roadmap together to attract, nurture, and retain the best talent out there.

HR Transformation & Delivery

Transforming your HR processes doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’re here to guide you through every step of the journey, from the moment you welcome a new hire to the day they retire. By focusing on building trust, cutting delivery costs, and empowering self-service, we ensure a smoother, more efficient HR experience for everyone involved.

Knowledge Management

In today’s information overload, finding the right knowledge at the right time can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. We specialize in crafting smart knowledge strategies that deliver the right information exactly when and where it’s needed, so your employees can reap the benefits of increased productivity and clarity from day one.

Leadership & Culture

The heartbeat of any organization lies in its leadership and culture. We’re here to help you tune into that pulse, understand true sentiment, and craft strategies that elevate morale, ignite engagement, and fuel exceptional performance.

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Meet the Experts

Woody Carlisle smiling on a couch

Jen Jones, SVP, Business Development, BX & Marketing

The relationship between employee experience and customer service may be the most important yet overlooked piece in the customer experience puzzle.

Woody, Managing Director, CXM Technologies

Technology should innovate, not hinder.

Ashley Cook, Director of Research, BX

In today’s data-saturated world, research is crucial to inform high-quality experience design decisions. Merely having an eye for users and listening isn’t always enough—measuring experience with the right level of confidence to make informed decisions is critical. Remember, you measure what you get at the expense of what you don’t.