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Inspire a Unified Workplace

If you want a connected culture, we can offer the starting point. As a Premier Partner of Akumina, we specialize in leveraging their digital platform to create custom workspaces for your team. Think of it as a virtual office that boosts productivity, keeps everyone happy, and gets your employees excited to work together.

As Akumina experts, we ensure a seamless setup tailored to your current and future needs. We’ll utilize features that empower your team to excel, collaborate effectively, and feel deeply connected within your organization.

Employee Experience Optimization

When you work with us, your investment in Akumina will translate into a measurable impact that addresses your workforce needs, from daily workflows to onboarding to long-term growth. We’ll guide you in cultivating a productive, engaged workplace culture encompassing every touchpoint.

Organization Personalization & Community

Craft a highly motivated workforce with an intranet that embodies your organization’s ethos. Our team of Akumina UX designers, engineers, and content strategists create an intuitive and adoptable experience that aligns with your culture, ensuring each team member feels supported, no matter where they work.

Dynamic Content Management & Search

We’re pros at making content management and search both dynamic and user-friendly. Our know-how in employee-focused technology ensures we craft and tailor content to suit individual user tastes and needs. This means your employees get info that’s spot-on and easy to find, creating a better vibe in the workplace for everyone.

Platform & Digital Modernization

We dive deep into your current systems to enhance employee experience at every angle, identifying scalable solutions that boost productivity, enhance operational flexibility, and ensure a digital infrastructure that adapts seamlessly for future growth.

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Empower Your Business with Akumina

Advisory & Architecture

We take time to truly understand your business and platform goals, user behavior, and work processes to see your systems from every angle. Our advisory services offer expert guidance on designing and implementing architecture that optimally supports your needs. This guarantees seamless integration throughout your entire ecosystem, helping you work as one.

Specialties Include: Employee enhanced profiles, HR onboarding & Talent Management, employee engagement & recognition

Design & Innovation

Build an intranet experience that’s an intuitive, user-friendly platform tailored to your workforce’s distinct needs. By placing the needs and experiences of employees at the forefront of the design process, we ensure your team feels connected to the tools and resources available to them, driving productivity, efficiency, and creativity across your organization.

Specialities Include: Intranet UX design, dynamic content delivery & personalization, dynamic search

Integration & Implementation

Boost productivity and unify your employee experience with thoughtful integrations and customized data applications and surfaced actionable data.

Specialties Include: Akumina Hive, Office 365 Productivity & Collaboration Integrations, Data Integrations with ServiceNow, Workday & other Enterprise Applications

Managed Services & Governance

It’s not enough to simply implement new systems; successful employee experiences demand continuous improvement. We analyze your systems and identify scalable solutions that enhance security, user experience, and flexibility to support your evolving business needs. No more guesswork—just a clear path forward.


Trusted By 4k+ Clients Worldwide

I’d also like to take a moment for this team to acknowledge their awesome accomplishments leading into soft launch. It’s been an arduous effort with a lot of collaboration, we know there is still lots of work ahead but to all here and then some… CONGRATULATIONS!

UX Manager, Fortune 100 Healthcare Organization

This is the dream team and I am so excited to continue collaborating with all of you to get us to MVP1 & MVP2 in the coming months!

Lead Architect, Fortune 100 Healthcare Organization

Veracity understands how to get the most out of Akumina. Every time I go into our employee portal, I'm filled with joy. From change management, to UX, to implementation, they do great work!

Leadership Team, Financial Services Organization

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your outstanding contributions to the Digital Employee Experience program. Your collaborative spirit and willingness to work close with our team and stakeholders has been truly invaluable and allowed us to build a solid foundation going forward.

IT Director, Fortune 100 Healthcare Organization


Meet the Experts

Woody Carlisle

North America

Managing Director of Customer & Workforce Technologies

Marc Hemstreet

North America

Technical Lead, CXM

Danielle Custalow

North America

Director, CXM