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Data & Artificial Intelligence

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Empower your business with responsible AI. Navigate data challenges while prioritizing privacy and transparency for strategic outcomes.

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Elevate Your Potential With AI

In today’s digital landscape, regulated industries face challenges managing vast data while navigating strict compliance and grappling with AI’s dual potential for opportunity and risk. We understand these complexities.

Our goal is to empower your employees, fostering a sense of partnership rather than replacing them with impersonal automation that risks compromising confidentiality or damaging your brand. Equally important are your customers; we ensure they remain the focal point of your operations. While AI introduces complexities, our approach consistently places human needs ahead of technological advancements. This human-centric philosophy defines our strategy for navigating AI responsibly, ensuring that people always come first.

AI-Driven Automation & Management

Why struggle with repetitive tasks that drain resources and limit your productivity? By automating your data management systems with our team, you can leverage AI algorithms to analyze vast datasets and make faster and more informed decisions.

Real-Time Analytics & Predictive Modeling

Traditional analytics methods over-index historical data leading to delayed insights and reactive decision-making. Our real-time analytics and predictive modeling help forecast trends, identify risks, and seize opportunities, enhancing your agility, competitiveness, and planning.

Data Privacy & Ethical AI

We know you deal with regulatory requirements, reputational risks, and customer trust issues everywhere you look. We get it. We specialize in data privacy and ethical AI practices, building trust with customers, regulators, and stakeholders. When you implement our robust data protection and transparent AI algorithms, you can mitigate risk by enhancing brand reputation and loyalty.

Business Process Optimization

If siloed processes are dragging down your productivity and outdated systems are creating bottlenecks, we can help. Our team streamlines operations by re-engineering workflows, automating tasks, and integrating systems to cut costs and boost agility. With our optimization, you’ll quickly adapt to market changes and scale efficiently, delivering more value for customers.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Making strategic decisions amid uncertainty and data overload can be stressful, to say the least. We empower you to use data-driven insights, analytics, and simulations, leading to faster problem-solving, better risk management, and effective resource allocation.

Data-Driven Personalization

It’s no secret that one-size-fits-all customer engagement leads to low conversion rates and customer churn. By analyzing customer data and behavior, we deliver targeted experiences that boost engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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Expert Support for Any Challenge

Data & Analytics Strategy

We leverage data and AI to achieve business goals by identifying data sources, selecting tools, defining KPIs, and establishing processes for governance. We work with you to establish your path to readiness and help put a plan into action for making informed decisions and gaining a competitive advantage grounded in insights.

Data Quality & Management

We identify and enhance your data based on business rules to resolve integrity issues, ensure consistency, and pinpoint quality problems. We assist in implementing tools for ongoing quality monitoring and correction, ensuring your data is timely and accurate. This involves creating tailored solutions such as master data systems, self-service analytics platforms, data fabric architectures, or data mesh models, alongside establishing clear data policies, procedures, standards, and selecting suitable data management tools.

Data & AI Governance

We maximize and manage the value of your data assets by helping you establish governance, processes and tools to manage them effectively. This could include setting standard data definitions, assigning decision-making rights, appointing data owners, monitoring compliance, and promoting a culture of data awareness. By implementing these measures, we can help you cultivate an environment where data is reliable, accurate, and used to its fullest potential.

User-Centric Dashboards & Reporting

We work with you to optimize and improve your experience journeys through collecting and analyzing customer data. Our 360-approach incorporating both attitudinal and behavioral data will ensure customer-approved products and services and competitive differentiation.

AI Opportunity Finding

The sky is the limit with AI, but that doesn’t mean it should take over every process and task in your company. Some things are better for machines to do and some things are better for humans to do. We make it our business to know the difference and help you focus your AI investments in places that can bring the most bang for your buck. We can evaluate any part of your business for possible AI implementation, but typically focus on AI related to discovering market and user insights, processes automation and employee efficiency. While the latest ChatGPT AI novelty is exciting, we get most excited about AI that can make your business run better and create a better experience for your customers and employees.

AI Design & Implementation

This is where the real work begins. We handle all the nitty-gritty details of your AI setup, ensuring it’s primed and ready to go. From data readiness and auditing to process mapping and tool selection, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we team up with leading tech providers like ServiceNow, offering seamless AI integration for chatbots, content generation, and market insights.

AI Perception & Change Management

Initially, we shared the same concerns about AI as you might have: fears of job loss and reduced human involvement. However, we envision a brighter future. Picture delegating tedious tasks to machines, freeing up your team for meaningful projects. AI isn’t a replacement; it’s a partner, simplifying tasks and amplifying human potential. Similarly, with customers, AI enhances experiences by handling routine tasks, allowing for more focus on meaningful interactions.

Yet, convincing others of this positive future can be a challenge. That’s where we excel. As experts in change and brand management, we craft strategies to instill trust in your vision and encourage adoption. Whether through tailored communication plans or engaging activities, we ensure everyone sees your company’s future with the same excitement you do.

Practice leaders

Meet the Experts

Elisa Parkin-Veracity

Elisa Parkin, SVP, Development & Integration

I have always believed you do not climb the ladder of success, you are pushed up by those that you develop.

Ashley Cook, Director of Research & Advisory

In today’s data-saturated world, research is crucial to inform high-quality experience design decisions. Merely having an eye for users and listening isn’t always enough—measuring experience with the right level of confidence to make informed decisions is critical. Remember, you measure what you get at the expense of what you don’t.

John Neuhoff, Senior UX Researcher

UX research ignites impactful, meaningful transformation. It creates groundbreaking user experiences, setting new standards for engagement and impact.