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The Veracity Difference

Stay Ready for Rapid Shifts in Consumer Demand

The CPG and retail landscape can be a tumultuous one. Supply chain disruptions brought about by the pandemic still linger for many, complicating the already unpredictable ebb and flow of demand. Challenges like these require precise demand forecasting and market understanding. At Veracity, we’re well prepared to help enhance your digital capabilities, from better inventory management to more targeted customer interactions, which are essential for a cohesive omnichannel business strategy.

E-Comm. & Omnichannel Experiences

Growing your brand is only possible if you’re in lockstep with your customers’ expectations and shopping habits. Today’s consumers expect convenience, flexibility, and a seamless shopping experience, whether online, in-store, or using a mobile app. Our strategies are designed to evolve with how consumers consume.

Supply Chain Optimization

While lower operational costs are a massive advantage of a streamlined supply chain, happy customers are just as important. Automation and process optimization can eliminate inventory, scheduling, and other logistical errors so that products are in customers’ hands when they want them.  

Personalization & Customer Experience

Gone are the days when a personal shopper was the only avenue for highly curated shopping experiences. By leveraging our deep data analytics and targeted marketing and sales strategies, you can provide your customers with that same “cared for” feeling, ensuring each in-store or digital interaction is perfectly personal and impactful.  

Key Trends

CPG & Retail Today

OmniChannel Experiences


of shoppers use multiple channels while they shop, underscoring the need for a seamless omni-channel experience



of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences

Return Efficiency


of consumers will buy something again if the product return process is easy