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When our Fortune 50 Payer client needed to transform the operations of their global Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Veracity designed and implemented a cost competitive, global service delivery capability in order to leverage efficiencies through standardized processes and products—enabling the flexibility to meet customer demands and keep up with the continually changing market dynamics.


Standardization and Simplification for Operational Efficiency

To achieve operational efficiency, Veracity focused on simplifying operations through standardization. We collaborated with the client to establish consistent product definitions, ensuring clarity and consistency across the EAP. Furthermore, we drove the implementation of a single case management platform, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. By establishing quality metrics and reporting mechanisms, we enabled ongoing monitoring and ensured continuous improvement.


Global Expansion and Cost Optimization

Veracity identified opportunities to leverage lower cost call centers around the globe, strategically distributing the workload to drive higher volume and optimize costs. This approach allowed the client to maintain high-quality service while achieving cost competitiveness. Additionally, we supported the redesign of the network delivery model, aligning it with the objectives of the international growth strategy. The enhanced network delivery model provided greater accessibility and flexibility for customers, increasing their overall satisfaction.


Enhancing Customer Value and Meeting Objectives

Through these transformative initiatives, Veracity successfully improved the broader value story for customers. The standardized processes, streamlined operations and optimized cost structure resulted in an enhanced customer experience. Customers benefitted from increased accessibility, faster response times and consistent service quality across geographies. Moreover, the implementation of quality metrics and reporting allowed the client to monitor performance, identify areas for improvement and ensure customer satisfaction.


Enabling International Growth and Market Adaptability

Veracity’s efforts aligned with the client’s objective of international growth. By establishing a cost competitive, global service delivery capability, we enabled the client to expand their reach and adapt to changing market dynamics. The streamlined operations and optimized cost structure positioned the client as a market leader, capable of delivering high-quality EAP services to a global audience.

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