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Supply Chain

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Optimize your supply chain with Veracity's expert agile supply chain solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure resilience.

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Enhance Efficiency with an Agile Supply Chain Approach

Organizations today are doubling down on improving their end-to-end supply chain operations, triggered by the disruptive impacts of the pandemic. There’s a big push to rethink how things are done, with a lot of focus on using advanced tech to foster an agile supply chain. 

Amidst these challenges, our team of global supply chain experts offers tailored solutions to execute comprehensive end-to-end supply chain transformations. By optimizing business performance, reducing costs, and maximizing operational efficiencies, we empower organizations to navigate disruptions effectively and achieve sustainable growth, so even in uncertain times, you can keep moving forward and grow stronger. 

Deep Supply Chain Knowledge

We’ve led hundreds of supply chain transformations, from optimizing vendor relationships to strategic planning and sourcing. With 15 to 20 years of experience each, our consultants bring diverse expertise to help you adapt quickly and achieve your goals. Our deep supply chain knowledge ensures your projects align with industry best practices, delivering smoother implementation and better outcomes. 

SCOR Model

We rely on the industry-standard SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) Model to enhance decision-making between suppliers, customers, and your organization. By implementing this framework, we streamline operations, align functions, and boost overall efficiency, ensuring your supply chain runs seamlessly. 

Risk Management

Our proactive approach to risk management helps identify and address potential disruptions, saving your business time and money. With insights from our experienced team and data-driven strategies, we shield your operations from unforeseen events, ensuring continuity and stability.

Transparent Operations & Digitization

Transparency is key to building trust and improving operations. Through enhanced visibility, technology-driven tools that automate business processes, and data analytics, we help you track products, monitor performance, and optimize processes. This approach fosters better decision-making and continuous improvement throughout your supply chain. 

Related Services 

Expert Support for Any Challenge

Reduce Supply Costs

Our supply chain strategy service empowers enterprises to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace by crafting comprehensive plans to manage the seamless flow of goods and services. From procurement to distribution, we optimize every aspect of your supply chain to drive cost efficiency, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction. By identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring timely delivery, and promoting innovation and sustainability, our strategic approach ensures your business stays agile and resilient in the face of challenges. With our expertise, you can streamline operations, enhance customer value, and achieve long-term growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of global commerce.

Specialties include category management, source to pay, cost optimization, supplier risk management, S&OP & IBP program development execution, technology & automation

Procurement Transformation

Transforming procurement is more than a process; it’s a gateway to efficiency and innovation. Our services in category management, sourcing, and contract management empower organizations to optimize spending and enhance supplier relationships. By managing supplier risks and fostering resilience, we help businesses navigate challenges and seize opportunities. With our support, you’ll elevate procurement to a strategic function, driving value and resilience across your supply chain.

Specialities include Procurement Automation Design, Process Engineering, & Digital Workflows, Procurement Digitization (S2P & P2P), Procurement Cost Optimization & Spend Analytics, Category Management, Procurement RPA & BPM Implementation Support

Category & Contract Management & Sourcing

Elevate your procurement processes with our expertise in category and contract management, and sourcing strategies. We streamline your sourcing activities, optimize supplier relationships, and negotiate favorable contracts to drive cost savings and efficiency. By strategically managing categories and contracts, we help you secure high-quality goods and services while minimizing risks and maximizing value for your organization.

Specialities include Direct and indirect procurement spend analytics, spend category maturity evaluations, pricing models and spending rationalization studies, taxonomy procurement and sourcing management

Supplier Risk Management

Mitigate supply chain risks and safeguard your operations with our supplier risk management solutions. We identify, assess, and monitor risks across your supplier network, allowing you to proactively address potential disruptions. By enhancing transparency and resilience, we help you build stronger supplier relationships and ensure continuity of supply, even in uncertain times.

Specialites include Supplier & Vendor Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Contracts Management, Supplier Diversity Strategic Planning, Supplier Relationship Management, Supplier Risk Management, Conflict Minerals Management

Supply Chain Resilience & Transformation

Future-proof your supply chain with our resiliency and transformation services. We analyze your current operations, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategic initiatives to enhance agility and adaptability. From redesigning processes to integrating new technologies, we help you build a resilient supply chain capable of thriving in today’s dynamic business environment.

Specialties include category management, source to pay, cost optimization, supplier risk management, S&OP & IBP program development execution, technology & automation

Manufacturing Operations Management

Optimize your manufacturing operations for efficiency and competitiveness with our comprehensive management solutions. We provide strategic guidance and practical support to streamline production processes, improve resource utilization, and reduce costs. By leveraging our expertise in lean manufacturing principles and industry best practices, you can enhance productivity, quality, and profitability across your manufacturing operations.

Specialities include Operational Assessments, Production Planning, Manufacturing Quality Management, Process Engineering & Process Standardization, Facilities Design & Site Rationalization Studies, Systems Implementation Support

Transportation & Warehouse Management

Specialities include Distribution Network & Logistics Network Assessments, Distribution Network Modeling, Logistics & Transportation Management, Warehouse Optimization, 3PL/4PL Outsourcing & RFP Management, AI Automation Solutions, Systems Design & Implementation Support

Inventory Optimization & Management

Experience the power of optimized inventory with our suite of services designed to maximize efficiency and resilience. By meticulously managing inventory levels, we help you allocate working capital wisely while maintaining top-notch customer service. Our focus on streamlined distribution channels and effective product lifecycle management minimizes stockouts and excess inventory, reducing carrying costs and boosting profitability. With our expertise, you’ll build a resilient supply chain ready to tackle any disruption, driving sustainable growth and competitiveness in dynamic markets.

Specialities include Order-to-Cash (O2C) Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Inventory Predictive Analytics, Inventory Management, Working Capital Spend Analytics, Inventory Segmentation & Product Rationalization

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Robert Anthony Olszak, VP, Manufacturing & Logistics

Our Supply Chain practice really hones in on what matters most: creating value for our clients and delivering top-notch service. Our goal is to deepen our client relationships, because we know that trust and credibility are built over time. By putting our clients first, we’re not just improving our business, but also ensuring their success.