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Learning & Instructional Design

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Training Is An Event, Learning Is The Outcome

Your team doesn’t need more information overload. They need focused learning and training programs to navigate today’s challenges and prepare for the future. Whether you’re implementing technology, entering a new market, developing a new product or driving other strategic objectives, your people need the skills and competencies to lead themselves and each other to a higher playing field. Partner with Veracity to ensure your workforce rapidly develops the mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to get there.

Our team of learning and instructional design experts brings dozens of years of combined experience in designing and delivering data-backed tailored learning, training and development programs that encourage focus and deliver results. We develop leaders, we elevate sales, we build and reinforce a winning culture, and you deliver breakthrough results.

Instructional Design Strategy

We live and breathe science-based instructional design best practices, resulting in a proven track record of delivering learning outcomes that move the needle on organizational strategies and goals.

Learning Technology & Platforms

We’re experts in the latest technology applied to learning, ensuring interactive and engaging programs that connect with everyone, including hybrid and remote learners. We blend in the right technology for the right reasons, including eLearning, digital workforce enablement portals, video, interactive infographics, microsites, learning management systems, artificial intelligence, and anticipate what’s next.


People hear facts, but they feel stories. We are experts at taking disparate pieces of information and requirements and weaving them into a compelling storyline that engages learners and sustains learning. Whether you are looking for visual storytelling, data storytelling, or the hero’s journey applied to your development programs, we can create a story that sticks.

Tailored Learning Programs

We work through analysis, curriculum architecture, design, development, implementation, and evaluation, or we can pick you up at any point in the process to augment and accelerate your progress.

Related Services

Expert Support for Any Challenge

Leadership Development

We design, develop, and implement leadership development programs that blend education, exposure, and experience to rapidly develop their ability to lead teams through change with strong communication, presence, and perspective.

Sales Enablement

We empower sales teams to drive revenue growth with tools, resources, and education that transforms their ability to communicate value, execute core processes and get to the dotted line more quickly.

Soft-Skills Learning & Development

We AI-proof employees with learning and development programs that build up the human-forward skills and competencies that ensure their immediate and long-term success as thinkers, doers, and team-players.

Compliance Training

We deliver training based on case studies, practical scenarios, and relatable content to ensure your people protect themselves, protect each other, and follow core policies and procedures to protect the business.

New Joiner Orientation & Onboarding

We develop enterprise and functional welcome programs that drive cultural awareness, establish expectations, and shorten the ramp to productivity for your new joiners.

Digital Learner Enablement

We create a single source of truth to drive focus, support performance, and sustain learning application over time in an organized, curated, and engaging portal that seamlessly compliments your team members day-to-day activities.

Operational L&D Strategy

We can consult with your internal Learning and Development or Training group to ensure they have the tools, resources, processes, and skills to effectively support the needs of their internal customers. If they don’t, we will help them get there with coaching, best-practices, templates and an organized toolkit that drives operational effectiveness and efficiency.

LMS Selection & Optimization

We leverage our expertise in learning technology to help you identify and select the best Learning Management System based on your unique requirements and needs. We can also help you optimize the use of any existing LMS that is already in place and supporting the organization.

Change Management Training Strategy, Design & Delivery

Our change management training services encompass needs assessment, strategic planning, end-user training, employee learning and development, program measurement, and digital workforce enablement. These services reduce anxiety, prepare and develop skills and mindsets, and provide a single-source of truth for getting things done in the future-state.

Practice leaders

Meet the Experts

Michelle McLees-Veracity

Mike Blahnik, Senior Director, Leader Learning & Instructional Design Solutions

Creating opportunities for people to master new skills, execute with confidence, and grow personally and professionally is the fuel that inspires our team to create programs that elevate the trajectory of people to their highest and greatest potential as leaders, team members, colleagues, and citizens.

Michelle McLees, Manager and Creative Director, Learning & Instructional Design Solutions

Our team is passionate about enabling your workforce with better visual communication in your learning programs—transforming complex information into clear insights, boosting retention and engagement, catering to diverse learning styles, and creating an inclusive, effective learning environment that drives success and productivity.