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Change Management

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Change Management Consultants — Expertly Guiding Transformations for Success, Minimizing Disruptions, and Creating Sustainable Growth

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Smoother Transitions, Greater Returns

Launching a major project is significant, yet outcomes often deviate from expectations: costs escalate, benefits delay, and operational risks arise, impacting morale. Often, the stumbling block isn’t the plan itself but rather the human element: resistance, inadequate support, unrealistic expectations, or skills gaps. The solution? Effective, people-centric change management that directly addresses these challenges, increasing success significantly. Our change management consultants have vast experience confidently steering critical projects to success.

Return on Change™ (ROC) Framework

With our Return on Change™ (ROC) framework, we specialize in facilitating smoother transitions during critical phases such as mergers and technology implementations. By staying informed about industry trends and best practices, we navigate obstacles adeptly, ensuring that your organization achieves maximum value from every change initiative.

End-to-End Impact

We help minimize disruption to business through clarity of end-to-end impacts of change to systems, process, and people. Our approach uniquely addresses the challenge of navigating complex transformations by prioritizing stakeholder engagement and effective communication. We ensure that changes are not only adopted but also sustained throughout organizations, driving long-term success.

Industry Expertise

Our expertise spans across diverse industries including healthcare, finance, technology, and manufacturing. We specialize in partnering with organizations in these sectors to drive successful transformations. Whether it’s implementing new technologies, navigating regulatory changes, or optimizing operational processes, we provide tailored change management solutions to help organizations navigate change more effectively.

Human-Centered Design

Our tailored approach begins with a deep understanding of your organization’s unique needs and culture, enabling us to craft solutions aligned with your goals and fostering sustainable change. Putting your people first, we ensure that every change initiative resonates throughout the organization, facilitating smoother transitions and bolstering buy-in. By instilling ownership and cultivating desired behaviors, we pave the way for lasting change adoption, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within your organization.

Related Services

Expert Support for Any Challenge

Building Change Capability (COE)

Developing the ability to manage change across your organization is a primary factor in achieving successful project implementations. We can help you build and enhance these capabilities, equipping you with the organizational structure, processes, and playbook you need to accelerate and sustain change.

Coaching & Readiness for Change Leadership

We train leaders and managers to “lead from the front” by role modeling the change behaviors needed to work successfully in the future state. This includes leader action planning, sponsor, and leader alignment, and providing managers with future state scenarios to ready their workforce.

Organization Design & Development

We design and develop the future organization needed to support your business strategy. This includes the structure and employment models, reporting relationships, required skills and competencies, and the shared values and behaviors to optimize how people drive and support strategic priorities.

Communications Planning & Execution

Planning and executing communications support your change initiatives by driving awareness, understanding and, ultimately, buying into new ways of working. The communications plan supports the “who, what, when, why and how’” for specific artifacts, such as videos, portals, and newsletters, which will be developed and deployed to people impacted by the transformation initiative.

Training, Planning & Instructional Design

Our change management training services encompass needs assessment, strategic planning, end-user training, employee learning and development, program measurement, and digital workforce enablement. These services reduce end-user anxiety, prepare, shift and develop key skills and mindsets, and provide a single source of truth for getting things done in the future.

Managing Change for New Systems & Processes

To ready and sustain all users who are impacted by new system(s) and process implementation, you need the right strategy, plan, approach, and deliverables. This includes assessing impacted stakeholders, capturing change impacts, change readiness activities, and support for adopting new ways of working.

Culture Assessment & Improvement

After assessing your organizational culture, we identify gaps and opportunities and implement improvements to support the desired new ways of working, aligned to the business strategy. This includes surveys, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, and desired leader and workforce behavioral changes to enable the desired culture.

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Meet the Experts


Pat Reyes, VP, Change Management

You can have the best technology and tools, and if it’s not adopted and sustained, then you haven’t fully achieved your transformation goals. The real magic happens when the plans turn into actual benefits.

Jeff McKenzie, Senior Director, Change Management

Every successful change is business driven, people centered, and leadership enabled, growing a culture of accountability for continual improvement.

Mike Blahnik, Senior Director, Change Management

Action expresses priorities.

Michelle McLees, Manager, Change Management

Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.