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HR & Talent Acquisition 

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Expert guidance in Employee Retention Consulting: Craft a future where every interaction connects people to endless possibilities.

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Build All-Star Teams with Cutting-Edge Talent Tools

As the tempo of technology quickens, many companies stumble over hurdles in finding the right talent, retaining employees, and maintaining genuine human connections. The tightrope between efficiency and personalization grows more precarious, underscoring the critical need for expert guidance in employee retention consulting.

At Veracity, we’re not just consultants but partners in crafting a future where every interaction connects people to endless possibilities. Since we understand that the heartbeat of any organization is its people, our approach blends cutting-edge AI capabilities with a profound understanding of human needs. Let’s make your enterprise a place where technology enhances, rather than overshadows, human connection.

Employee Experience Design

A well-designed employee experience boosts organizational performance, as happy and engaged employees contribute to company success and innovation. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance engagement and communication, ensuring employees feel valued and connected. Our approach not only increases productivity but also fosters long-term loyalty and satisfaction within your team.

Digital Transformation & HR Technology

We push the boundaries of current technology with AI and machine learning for more innovative recruitment, talent management, and HR analytics. Our expertise includes implementing HR management systems (HRMS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS). From crafting future-ready architecture to detailed roadmaps, we guide you through the entire hire-to-retire journey.

DEI Initiatives

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is a top priority for us. We develop robust DEI policies and practices, implement engaging training programs to foster an inclusive workplace, and track and measure DEI metrics to ensure accountability and progress.

Talent & Acquisition & Retention Programs

Talent acquisition is getting more intelligent and more data-driven. We’re all about building a strong employer brand to attract top talent and using data and analytics to spot talent gaps and future needs. Retention is critical, too, so we focus on career development opportunities, competitive compensation, and employee recognition programs.

Related Services

Expert Support for Any Challenge

Source to Hire & Hire-to-Retire Experience Design

Elevate your employee journey from the very first interaction to retirement. Our comprehensive experience design ensures a seamless and engaging process, fostering loyalty and productivity from day one to retire.

Total Rewards Experience Strategy & Research

Empower your workforce with meaningful rewards. We develop tailored strategies and conduct in-depth research to craft total rewards programs that resonate with your employees, driving motivation and satisfaction.

Total Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Attract and secure top talent efficiently and effectively. Our holistic approach to recruitment ensures you find the right candidates rapidly, enhancing your team’s capabilities and supporting your business growth.

Skills Ontology & Taxonomy

Explore the full potential of your workforce. We help you categorize and understand the skills within your organization, enabling precise talent management, upskilling opportunities, and strategic workforce planning.

Employer Brand & Activation

Build a magnetic employer brand that attracts and retains top talent. We craft and activate a compelling employer brand strategy and execution, ensuring your organization stands out as an employer of choice in a competitive market.

M&A Employee Experience Strategy

Seamlessly integrate and retain talent during mergers and acquisitions. We focus on creating a positive employee experience, minimizing disruption, and maximizing engagement during transitional periods.

AI-Driven Design and Workplace Automation

Revolutionize your business with AI-driven strategies that enhance decision-making, personalize employee experiences, and drive innovation. Our experts can also transform your workplace with smart automation solutions, streamlining processes and boosting productivity, allowing your team to focus on high-value tasks.

Tools Analysis, Evaluation & Assessment

Ensure your tools work for you, not against you. We analyze, evaluate, and assess your current tools and technologies, providing recommendations to optimize performance and support your business objectives.

Intranet Experience Design & Implementation

Create a connected and engaged workforce with an intuitive intranet. Our design and implementation services ensure your intranet is user-friendly, fostering collaboration, communication, and a strong organizational culture.

Talent & Gig Marketplaces & Career Experiences

Expand your talent pool and enhance career development opportunities. We leverage talent and gig marketplaces to offer flexible workforce solutions and create enriching career experiences for your employees.

People Insights, Analytics, Benchmarking & Continuous Listening

Make informed decisions with deep people insights. Our continuous listening and advanced analytics provide actionable data to understand and meet your employees’ needs, driving organizational success.

Build robust business cases and benchmark success. We help justify investments and measure performance, ensuring you achieve your strategic goals.

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Jen Jones, SVP, Business Development, BX & Marketing

The relationship between employee experience and customer service may be the most important yet overlooked piece in the customer experience puzzle.

Ashley Cook

In today’s data-saturated world, research is crucial to inform high-quality experience design decisions. Merely having an eye for users and listening isn’t always enough—measuring experience with the right level of confidence to make informed decisions is critical. Remember, you measure what you get at the expense of what you don’t.