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Workday for the Human Era

As an experienced Workday partner and human-centered consultancy firm, we’re all about making work easier and more people-focused. We don’t just set up systems; we craft experiences that employees love and that help businesses grow. We design and engineer Workday experiences with your users in mind. Our experiences are flexible, scalable, and easy to use, whether your employees are at their desk or on the go. Plus, they’re backed by data-driven insights that help you make smart decisions and stay compliant and secure. With us, it’s not just about technology; it’s about helping enterprises build a culture of innovation.

Workday Optimization & Growth

Maximize the efficiency of your ERP system. We perform a thorough assessment of your training needs, gather insights from key stakeholders, and review your existing processes. Our customized roadmap will highlight and improve what already works well, guiding you to greater platform efficiency and adoptability.

Employee Experience

Our dynamic team provides intuitive and user-friendly Workday experiences that empower employees with self-service, the ability to manage personal information and benefits to accessing pay slips and performance feedback with ease. And, with mobile accessibility, employees stay connected and engaged anytime, anywhere.

System Implementation & Support

Understand the full implementation journey with our client-centered approach. We walk you through each phase of implementation—discover, prepare, explore, realize, deploy, and run—ensuring your system is effectively integrated and fully operational from day one.

Data Migration & Integration

Enjoy a hassle-free data migration experience. We design streamlined workflows, meticulously prepare and clean your data, and ensure seamless integration to prevent rework and duplication. Setting you up for a trouble-free Workday transition.

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Empower Your Business with Workday

Program & Project Management

As a Workday technology partner, our Program & Project Management service ensures seamless cloud ERP implementations. Our expert project managers possess extensive experience in aligning stakeholders, anticipating risks, and orchestrating cross-functional workstreams. From project inception to go-live, our senior-level PMs leverage their expertise to execute ERP transformations efficiently and effectively. 

Business Requirements & Process Design

Our Business Requirements & Process Design service is dedicated to understanding your business, data, and technical needs. We bridge the gap between functional stakeholders and technical design teams, ensuring that the implementation aligns with requirements and best practices. By meticulously linking business processes with technical design, we guarantee a tailored solution that maximizes the potential of your Workday ERP system. 

Data Cleansing & Migration

With our Data Cleansing & Migration service, we lay the foundation for a successful ERP implementation on Workday. We collaborate with you to establish governance and techniques for migrating clean, relevant data into the system. Our approach ensures adherence to best practices from day one and supports seamless data conversion, facilitating a smooth transition to Workday.

Reporting & Data Visualization

Unlock the full potential of your data with our Reporting and Data Visualization service. Our consultants combine expertise in data, finance, accounting, and compliance to craft a robust reporting strategy. From basic reporting to real-time analytics, we prioritize your reporting requirements and optimize reports to provide actionable insights on the Workday platform.

Scope, Issue & Risk Management

Ensure governance and control throughout your Workday ERP implementation with our Scope, Issue, and Risk Management service. We integrate risk and controls into process design and requirements, conducting system implementation audits to verify adherence to leading practices. Our proactive approach minimizes risks and ensures the successful deployment of your Workday solution.

Change Management & Training

Empower your team for success with our Change Management & Training service. Leveraging the RGP Return on Change™ Framework, our seasoned consultants specialize in driving user adoption through role-based training and curriculum development. We ensure your team embraces change effectively, maximizing the benefits of your Workday ERP implementation.

Cutover & Hyper Care Support

Experience a seamless transition to Workday with our Cutover & Hypercare Support service. Our solid cutover strategy ensures a smooth go-live, followed by comprehensive post-go-live support to enhance system adoption. From legacy system integration to establishing clear post-go-live roadmaps, we proactively support every aspect of your Workday implementation journey.

Internal Controls & Security

Protect your valuable data with our Internal Controls and Security service. Our team works tirelessly to safeguard your Workday system against potential threats and vulnerabilities. With a focus on compliance and regulatory standards, we provide peace of mind, ensuring your information remains safe and secure within the Workday ecosystem. 

User Experience

Elevate user satisfaction with our User Experience service tailored for Workday. Navigating the Workday landscape becomes intuitive and enjoyable with our expertly crafted interfaces and seamless interactions. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to Workday, our goal is to enhance your experience, providing personalized support akin to having a friendly guide by your side.


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North America

VP, Business Technology

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North America

VP & Workday Practice Leader

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North America

VP & System Selection Practice Leader