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Elevate Every Interaction

With a well-thought-out plan to meet rising customer expectations, you can ensure smooth interactions and consistent, satisfying experiences, boosting brand loyalty and growth in today’s market. Our cross-disciplinary team of experts has helped countless companies with their digital customer experience strategy to manage every aspect of the customer journey. We specialize in building data-driven solutions to track every interaction, providing a 360-degree view that enhances customer satisfaction. By delivering innovative digital strategies, we not only foster brand loyalty but also drive success, revealing previously unseen possibilities for your business.

Digital Customer Experience Strategy

We work closely with your organization to prioritize improvement and develop a transformation plan that empowers phased growth. We help you define a customer-focused vision that’s rooted in organizational change that improves services, touchpoints and processes from a surface-to-core perspective for meaningful and holistic change.

Service Design

Whether you call it total experience or service design, Veracity helps you create unparalleled experiences for customers and employees by valuing both front and backstage activities. Through research, prototyping, and co-creation, we design seamless, user-centered services that exceed expectations.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We employ a variety of methods to get to the heart of your customer and truly understand their journey. User research and insights inform our entire strategy; from designing an experience to crafting a touchpoint—everything we do is backed by data. 

Omni-Channel Experience Design

Your brand isn’t one touchpoint or interaction; it is made up of the entire customer journey that should seamlessly both connect and communicate. Whether an ad, email, experience or chat, Veracity can help you bring your brand to life through total experience design. 

Strategic Insights & Investment Analytics

We work with you to understand what data insights are available and how they can drive improved customer engagement and opportunities for future investments. 

Platform Selection & Tool Enablement

We can help you assess your digital landscape, identify, and select the right technologies, then seamlessly implement, and integrate the solutions within your enterprise. 

Related Services 

Expert Support for Any Challenge 

ETE CX Strategy, People, Process & Tools

Our End-to-End Customer Experience (ETE CX) Strategy service encompasses a holistic approach to improving your customer experience. From aligning your organizational culture and processes to selecting the right tools and technologies, we provide tailored solutions to drive meaningful customer interactions and long-term success. 

Product & Brand Strategy

Elevate your brand and products with a strategic approach. From crafting identities that resonate to defining market-aligned product strategies, we ensure trust, loyalty, and sustainable growth across all touchpoints.

Persona Development, Empathy Maps & User Journeys

User-centric experiences are born from truly understanding needs. To do that, we create detailed profiles of target users, known as Personas, then visualize their thoughts, feelings and motivations through Empathy Maps, plotting those attributes in User Journeys to showcase previously unseen challenges and opportunities. 

Taxonomy, Tagging, User Criteria, SEO & SEM

Boost visibility and maximize customer engagement. We optimize your digital assets for easy discovery, ensuring your content speaks to your audience, driving traffic and conversions by implementing effective taxonomy, tagging, and search engine optimization strategies

Responsive Digital Experiences, E-Commerce & Custom Application Development

Captivate audiences and effortlessly drive sales. From responsive design to content management systems and user interface development to checkout optimization, we craft tailored solutions for your digital platform that enhance usability, adoptability, and conversion rates.

Customer, Broker, Provider, Patient & Member Portals

Simplify communication and enhance experiences with portals tailored to your stakeholders. Whether it’s self-service tools or collaboration platforms for customers, brokers, providers, patients and members, we streamline interactions and transactions.

Web API Development & Integration

Connect with ease while boosting value. We enable seamless data exchange across systems and ensure your digital ecosystem runs smoothly for enhanced functionality and value. Whether it’s integrating with external services or building APIs for your own products, we ensure interoperability, security, and performance to enhance the functionality and value of your digital ecosystem.

Quality Assurance, DevOps & Testing Automation

Ensure reliability and performance every time. With our Quality Assurance, DevOps & Testing Automation, we implement robust testing processes and automation tools and identify and mitigate issues early in the development lifecycle; enabling faster time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction. 

Veracity-Exclusive Persona Data Management & LLM Framework

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale. Whether it’s segmenting audiences for targeted marketing campaigns or personalizing product recommendations, we help you manage and leverage customer data effectively.  

Benchmarking, Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis

Identify growth opportunities and gain valuable insights into your competitors and market trends. By benchmarking your performance, we help you seize growth opportunities with ease.  

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Jen Jones, SVP, Business Development, BX & Marketing

Companies are often so focused on customer-facing touchpoints that they ignore the impact of an incorrect bill; a late order or claim can have on customer satisfaction. It’s clear that there’s an intrinsic link between the back office and the success of any CX program. The term “back office” itself implies lesser impact on customer experience, perhaps a better framing would be customer-facing and customer-impacting.

Woody Carlisle, Managing Director, CXM Technologies

Technology should innovate, not hinder.

Todd Fudala, Managing Director, WXM Technologies

Technology is the backbone of the future, and ServiceNow paves the way towards that future with its visionary solutions.