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Financial Services & Insurance

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Financial and insurance services — Navigate future markets with tech integration, change management, and data security for growth and compliance.

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The Veracity Difference

Forecast and Prepare for Future Markets  

The finance and insurance industry is no stranger to challenges from every side. Stringent regulatory compliance, severe cybersecurity threats, and disruption from fintech innovations demand tech-savvy talent who can help you innovate and adapt. By working together, we can help you overcome the obstacles you face on multiple fronts, from strengthening public confidence to navigating an increase in non-bank competition. Lean on us to navigate economic fluidity effectively. 

Industry Research & Insights

We empower your finance and insurance operations to stay competitive by leveraging deep industry knowledge and the latest technology. Our approach includes strategic change management to navigate evolving markets and robust data protection measures to secure your operations. Trust us to optimize your resources effectively, attracting opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Tech Integration & Modernization

Staying ahead means keeping your tech sharp and compliant. Companies like yours are turning to transformation agencies that weave advanced technologies like AI, blockchain, and data analytics into their framework. If you want to modernize, we can integrate critical innovations to help you keep your edge. 

Change Management

When you transform processes and systems, you’re not just dealing with tech; you’re shifting culture and operations as well. That’s why you need change management stars—great partners who handle everything from crafting the right communication strategies to facilitating effective training programs. 

Data Security & Privacy

Personal and financial data need to be protected at all costs. That’s why you need a tech-savvy transformation agency with robust security protocols and deep expertise in adhering to data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA. We keep data locked down and compliant. 


Key Trends

Financial Services & Insurance Today

E-Commerce Transactions


of banks predict a continued increase in e-commerce transactions, influencing payment processing and financial services

Fintech Collaboration


of banking professionals agree that collaboration with fintechs will drive innovation in traditional payment providers

Digital Experiences


of insurance customers are not satisfied with the digital channels available to them

Related Services  

Expert Support in Any Challenge

Strategic Planning & Operational Efficiency

Craft a personalized financial roadmap to align with your long-term goals, ensuring steady progress toward your desired future. Streamline processes to focus on serving clients and growing your business.

Tech Integration

Bring the latest innovation into your financial or insurance services, making interactions smoother and more convenient for you and your clients.

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Protect your financial interests and peace of mind by adhering to legal and industry standards. Stay safeguarded against unexpected events, allowing you to confidently pursue your goals.

Organizational Change Management

Guide your team through transitions with empathy and support with Veracity, ensuring everyone is on board and empowered to thrive in the evolving landscape. 


Put your clients at the heart of everything you do, creating experiences that exceed their expectations and build lasting relationships. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Easily facilitate the coming together of businesses with care and precision, maximizing synergies while preserving what makes each entity unique. 

Sustainability & ESG Integration

Confidently integrate environmental, social, and governance considerations into your business practices, ensuring a brighter future for both your organization and the world.