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Risk Assurance

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Risk Assessment & Compliance: Maximize compliance and minimize risk with Veracity's expert solutions, ensuring regulatory adherence and operational efficiency.

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the veracity difference

Evolve From Risk to Resilience 

At Veracity, we recognize that risk assessment and compliance is not just a necessity, but a key driver for strategic growth and customer retention. Our expert team helps you achieve business objectives while ensuring regulatory compliance and managing risks. We partner with leading companies and technology providers globally to mitigate risk, enhance agility, and boost productivity. By prioritizing relationships and collaboration, we implement tailored strategies to foster a proactive risk culture. With deep expertise in internal controls and audits, we support all lines of defense in your organization.

Proactive Risk Management Approach

From audit committees to senior management, we lead with proactive risk management and compliance strategies. By focusing on internal controls and audits, we enhance resilience, agility, and accuracy, using advanced digital solutions to keep your organization strong and compliant. 

Tech. Implementation & Integration

Our digital expertise ensures seamless integration of cutting-edge technology solutions. In addition to implementing and integrating compliance and IRM software, we provide real-time insights to streamline your operations. We customize platforms to fit your unique needs, ensuring scalability and enhancing efficiency. 

Regulation & Compliance Support

Navigating complex regulatory landscapes is not for the faint of heart. Our cross-functional digital expertise ensures you stay updated with regulatory changes so you can avoid penalties. When you work with us, you’ll receive proactive and adaptive compliance management, ensuring your operations remain efficient and compliant. 

Data Management

Secure and efficient data management. That’s the goal. Our digital expertise covers data encryption, access controls, and governance frameworks. We implement robust solutions and advanced analytics, and our human-centric approach balances security and compliance with the need for data-driven insights and innovation. 

Related Services

Expert Support for Any Challenge 

SOX Readiness Engagement

Advisory engagement to prepare clients for compliance with SOX  ICFR requirementsServices can be ad hoc or full assistance to develop a SOX compliance program from scratch. Additionally, let us host your risk and control documentation and perform assurance testing in an efficient, workflow enabled cloud-based instance of ServiceNow’s IRM product suite.    
Specialities  include ICFR/SOX readiness (404a & 404b), IPO readiness, risk advisory and control Self-Assessment (RCSA) 

Financial Controls Assurance

Let us help you execute and uplift your existing SOX program with experienced SOX practitioners. We help advocate for Management and can prepare testing workpapers suitable for reliance by your external auditors providing an efficient and balanced approach to financial controls assurance.  

Internal Audit Services

Our outsourced and co-sourced internal audit services are provided to clients through a very flexible model including full departmental support and leadership or by fulfilling resources needs during crunch times or where your project execution timelines are at risk.   

IT Security & Privacy

IT security and privacy program maturity assessments can be conducted to evaluate client preparedness for mitigating security and privacy risks in the face of increasing regulatory requirementsServices can be provided through the lens of all lines of defense.   

PCI Services

PCI services to support the new PCS DSS 4.0 standard that went into effect in 2024. We assist clients with everything from PCI readiness to full ROC reporting.   

SOC Services

We conduct SOC readiness to full SOC audit services (in partnership with CPA firms)We specialized in taking a bundled approach to test once and satisfy many compliance and audit requirements.   

Integrated Risk Management

We are a system integration (SI) Elite Partner with ServiceNowLet us help you get the most out of your investment in ServiceNow by adopting features designed to allow a single source of truth for all lines of defense to manage risks or let us host your SOX and internal audit activities our instance of ServiceNow. 
Specialties include IT internal Audit, ERP Controls, PCI & SOC Audits, ServiceNow IRM Implementation & Optimization.

Practice leaders

Meet the Experts


Ian Burnett, Vice President, Practice Leader

People underestimate the value of well-thought out GRC management across organizations. Risks are multifaceted, and compliance is not just about regulatory matters either. Optimizing GRC is about efficiently and effectively aligning people, process, and technology to achieve organizational strategic objectives.

Alisanne Allen, VP, Internal Audit & Compliance Leader

Our role is not just about mitigating risks but also about fostering a culture of ethical conduct and regulatory adherence. We must continuously assess, monitor, and manage risks across all facets of the business to safeguard our reputation and ensure long-term viability.

Bart Kimmel, VP, IT Audit & Compliance Leader

I strive to foster collaboration across departments to ensure a holistic approach to risk management and compliance, thereby safeguarding the interests of stakeholders and enhancing the resilience of the business in an ever-evolving landscape.