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Art for Journey, a non-profit organization transforming their community through art therapy, struggled to attract new donors, volunteers and partnerships with an inconsistent brand identity that didn’t reflect their mission and social impact on the community. To breathe life to their vision and expand their social footprint, they partnered with Veracity to demonstrate how they transform lives through art and community.

To tell their authentic story, Veracity conducted numerous stakeholder interviews and discovery sessions—articulating their current challenges to effectively craft an identity that humanized their mission and amplified their voice. From thoughtful logo development to an elevated website with enhanced usability, each brand element artfully told the story of their impact on the community. 

To breathe life to their vision and expand their social footprint, they partnered with Veracity to demonstrate how they transform lives through art and community.

Transforming a Brand Identity to Amplify a Mission

After stakeholder interviews and discovery sessions, Veracity developed a system of elements to make up their revived brand identity and communicated the benefits to art therapy and creative expression through visual art media and psychotherapy. From a bold and bright color palette and abstract components inspired by celebration and self-healing, to leveraging an approachable typeface our style guide gave way to rapid brand recognition across all outreach deliverables. To build on their empathetic values and love for what they do, Veracity harnessed the bold color palette and abstract components to create a unified logo designed to scale. And, to shine light on the positive effect of volunteering, we harnessed dynamic, human-focused photography that showcased their real people, making a real difference in the community.  

A Holistic Approach Built to Improve Functionality

To improve website functionality in a way that highlighted relevant programs and community initiatives, Veracity took a holistic approach to content and communication delivery. After assessing their current content structure, we created a flexible main navigation to effectively showcase their upcoming events and ongoing programs. Noteworthy participant feedback and event promotions were thoughtfully placed for maximum visibility, effectively delivering valuable content to site visitors through an efficient WordPress experience.

Enhancing Engagement with Convenient Online Donation Features

Due to previous website limitations, Art for Journey struggled to facilitate online donations and attract volunteers, making it difficult to sustain volunteer opportunities, generate donations, and grow their community footprint. Veracity leveraged technology innovation to develop a tailored donation and volunteer experience—allowing donors to contribute on a one-time or recurring basis, either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Now, the organization can easily collect donations through their website through reconfigured Gravity Forms, a feature that was previously unattainable—efficiently contributing to their community initiatives and brand outreach. 



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Project Showcase

Discover how Veracity harnessed a holistic approach to enhance functionality, elevate the brand mission, and boost community engagement via a website redesign.

Project Outcomes

Implemented Donation Feature to Facilitate Online Donations & Attract Volunteers

Developed a Cheerful, Empathetic Brand Identity Inspired by Celebration & Self-Healing to Tell the Story of How They Transform Lives Through Art & Community

Holistic Approach to Design Delivery Improved Website Functionality, Usability & Brand Recognition