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To stay ahead of emerging competitors, a prominent global insurer embarked on a transformation journey to enhance their relationship with policyholders, sales partners and employees. Customers needed simpler ways to check and submit claims and sales partners wanted streamlined access to customer information for better customer support and employees aimed to expedite the claims processing workflow. They needed to build a positive workforce and customer experience while improving claims across all lines of business. 

Veracity’s strategic approach aimed to deliver exceptional experiences to customers, empower sales partners and streamline processes for employees. By harnessing our expertise in service design and experience research, we identified key areas for improvement across people, processes and technology to shape a comprehensive, end-to-end claims experience blueprint that establishes unparalleled standards of excellence—and empowers our client’s transformation. 

Veracity leveraged experience research best practices to align people, process and technology to service design.

Reinventing The Service Model For Customers

By conducting side-by-side sessions and experience research, Veracity discovered that customers desired easier ways to submit claims and receive notifications and updates about their claims’ status. In response, we suggested mechanisms for customers to reuse documentation previously submitted, simplifying and expediting new claims submissions. We also proposed customer communications through digitized notifications, which would allow them to view claims or payment status conveniently. In addition, providing customers with easy access to educational materials across multiple channels and formats would empower them to self-serve and obtain crucial claims and payment knowledge effortlessly. 

Improving Trusted Data Access & Communications For Sales Partners

Sales partners played a crucial role in supporting customers throughout various processes, necessitating smooth access to customer data for better understanding and faster service. To address this need, we recommended providing sales partners with trusted access to claims data and introducing additional digitized notifications to keep them informed about customer claims’ status. This would enable sales partners to access relevant information quickly, empowering them to provide efficient and effective customer support.  

Streamlining & Transforming The Claims Servicing Process End-To-End For Employees

To establish employees’ requirements for faster, more automated claims processing, we conducted extensive experience research and co-design sessions. By collaborating with employees, we generated innovative ideas to streamline and automate tasks and processes. This included facilitating faster access to documentation, training and knowledge bases and implementing user-friendly interfaces to expedite common tasks. Veracity provided a blueprint for the entire end-to-end claims servicing process, introducing streamlined processes to improve the employee experience to free up their time to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

Project Outcomes

Key Changes Recommended Through Our Service Blueprinting Work To Reimagine & Improve Claims
New Concept Cards For Personas Designed
Sessions With Customers, Sales Partners & Associates To Understand The Current State & Imagine The Future State