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When a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company set out to optimize their supply chain, they sought an exceptional research partner to identify experience design needs and drive improvements. A trusted and longstanding collaborator, they chose Veracity.

Our team assessed the supply chain function for opportunities to improve how digital products support the entire ecosystem. With that knowledge, we developed a plan, starting with their greatest priority: supporting quality assurance by transforming the flagship digital product. Through iterative development, we directed the creation of the proofs of concept. Then, we gathered feedback through evaluation, testing and surveys, refining that concept accordingly.


Assessing, Improving & Illuminating Product Enhancements

Our team conducted an entire ecosystem assessment to understand the alignment and development of digital products in the supply chain. The research revealed a significant technology investment in transforming the flagship digital product for tracking and resolving quality issues. This led us to prioritize the support for the quality assurance workstream and develop an engagement plan.


From Concepts to Real-World Simulations & Actionable Insights

Our goal was to transform the supply chain quality assurance work by engaging with the team incrementally and iteratively. Collaborating with the development teams, we directed the creation of tangible proofs of concepts. To benchmark the current experience, we developed experience-based OKRs and conducted heuristic evaluation, usability testing and surveys to take a baseline measurement.


Enhancing Proof of Concept & User Engagement through Iterative Benchmarking & Real-Time Feedback

Using the testing data from the baseline, we enhanced the proof of concept and offered real-time feedback to the development team. Then, we conducted a second round of testing to further improve the benchmark, ultimately refining the process through re-benchmarking. The result? A continuous improvement cadence, driven by user engagement and guided by experience metrics tracked through OKRs.

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