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A global car rental and transportation company sought to elevate their user experience practice within their Fleet Management division. Building on our successful collaboration during an asset management system assessment, Veracity was entrusted to drive transformative changes. Our mission involved implementing employee experience and system improvements, shaping a future-state service design, and training the internal UX management team on industry-leading best practices. 

Veracity embedded two full-time experts to seamlessly integrate within the company’s UX team. Our primary focus was on project delivery and improvements, providing essential guidance on staffing, resource management and fostering a culture of excellence. Through research and design projects, resource planning, role definition and comprehensive training programs, we fortified the team’s capabilities, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive. This holistic approach ensured the team’s readiness for future staffing endeavors and enabled the successful implementation of best practices throughout the organization. 

From project to partnership, we built a UX practice, delivering a transformative service design and roadmap for Fleet Management. 

Providing Staff Augmentation & Developing Staffing Processes For The UX Team

In response to the company’s requirement for additional UX resources, Veracity stepped in to support day-to-day UX projects and improvements for the equipment asset management system. Leveraging our expertise and the prioritized project roadmap provided in our initial engagement, we seamlessly integrated into the team and facilitated project management while offering valuable insights on staffing and resourcing. Our contributions included conducting research and design projects, developing resource management and staffing plans, and establishing processes and role definitions for future UX staffing efforts. Through this comprehensive approach, we ensured optimal resource allocation and set the foundation for best practices in UX. 

Developing A Standard System For The Fleet UX Project Pipeline

Veracity was not just delivering UX projects for the Fleet UX team, but also helping deliver a project pipeline system to ensure initiatives receive timely deliverables. To help keep ongoing projects in flight and deliver on current commitments, we developed a robust intake process for UX work, defining how the team would prioritize requests and established schedules for completing key work against the project roadmap. This helped keep this growing practice aligned to critical deadlines and on track for meeting Fleet Management requirements and needs.  

Establishing Standard UX Practices

The Fleet UX team was still new, and needed help—not just with resourcing, but stabilizing their pipeline and best practices. Veracity got to work by creating a comprehensive inventory of existing UX assets and identifying gaps that needed to be addressed. To enhance user understanding, we developed user personas for critical employee roles within the Fleet Management team, along with persona workbooks and employee and persona journey maps. Additionally, we initiated the development of a tool that would enable the team to create their own personas in the future and implemented standardized data-driven surveys, process maps, and research and design strategies, packaging it all up in a single repository—laying the groundwork for knowledge sharing and continuous learning within the UX practice—and equipping the Fleet UX team with the necessary tools and resources to drive exceptional user experiences. 

Connecting Projects To Establish An End-To-End View Of The Fleet Management Ecosystem Through Service Design

In order to maximize value, Veracity proposed an integrated approach where all projects of the Fleet UX team would be interconnected and aligned within a unified and prioritized roadmap. This comprehensive roadmap encompasses future projects and improvements that would facilitate transformative change towards an ideal state for the Fleet ecosystem. To achieve this, we created an end-to-end service blueprint, mapping out the entire Fleet ecosystem, including people, processes and systems. Through ongoing research and refinement, we continue to shape the final version of the blueprint, ensuring a clear path towards a cohesive and user-centered future. 

Project Outcomes

Veracity Employees Embedded With Partner Helping Build & Resource Their Fleet Management UX Practice
Prioritized Roadmap & Blueprint Of Future-State UX Improvements & Projects
New Data-Driven User Personas Created & A Tool To Help Them Create Their Own