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This Fortune 50 global Food Distribution company needed to strategically position their brand in a way that would separate their services from similar companies while also appealing to the right audience. To solve their brand identity challenge, they partnered with Veracity to create succinct brand positioning designed to instill confidence in their go-to-market strategy and authentically embody the soul of the business. 

The result? Differentiators demonstrating their commitment to customer centric-culture and operational excellence, ranking above competitors on customer solutions and best-in-class marketing, and delivering on their vision of becoming the last supply chain partner any restaurant will ever need. 

Veracity created succinct brand positioning designed to instill confidence in a go-to-market strategy that authentically embodied the soul of the business.

Building A Brand Language That Reflects a “Yes, and” Culture

After five decades supplying some of America’s favorite national and regional restaurant chains, Veracity uncovered that being “customized” is more than who they are, it’s how they do business. To bring their “yes, and” culture and business approach to life, we developed a brand voice and tone designed to make their employees and customers feel calm, informed and supported—like a wise neighbor on the other side of your fence. 

Harnessing Insights to Help Identify & Target the Right Opportunities

Veracity employed a series of methods and tools from stakeholder interviews to robust desk research, to competitive analysis to craft a strategy rooted in a deep understanding of their target audiences and marketplace standing. These insights helped Veracity build a strong brand foundation and internal messaging alignment—all informed by rich data, not hearsay.

Driving Consistency for Authentic Positioning

This company was born from the unique needs of its customers. To help them authentically connect, Veracity developed succinct messaging guidelines for company stakeholders and the internal marketing team, building upon their customer-centric approach and unique brand values. This messaging framework effectively articulated their differentiators through a company roadmap comprised of refined mission and vision statements, an ownable positioning statement, and four brand pillars that told their story consistently across all their marketing and distribution channels.

Effective Positioning Built to Strengthen Omnichannel Brand Presence

Veracity’s revised messaging framework seamlessly unified values and service offerings, and that was just the beginning. After working with Veracity, they were able to tell their story across a variety of channels including their new, elevated website.

Project Showcase

Veracity helped shape their story across a variety of channels including their new, elevated website.

Project Outcomes

Four Tailored Brand Differentiator Stories that Speak to Level of Customization

Competitors Analyzed to Define Market Whitespace & Positioning Strategy

Brand Tone Development, Mission & Vision Blueprint Articulating “How” They Do Business