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This Digital Education company understands the power of relevant, accessible content by offering online programs that help people exceed their long-term career goals. To meet the demands of their rapidly growing business, they needed help navigating Sitecore, their existing web platform, to create a scalable digital experience across their entire web ecosystem. To establish a best-of-breed Sitecore integration, they partnered with Veracity to combine in-depth technical know-how with user-centric techniques. This helped them create an improved experience as nimble as their business plan and customer base. 

The outcome? Long-term collaboration and leading-edge implementation for enhanced performance, scalable component structure, and seamless standardization on the latest version of Sitecore.

Veracity created a best-of-breed Sitecore integration with an enhanced experience as nimble as their business plan and customer base with a best-of-breed Sitecore integration.

Transforming Sitecore Obstacles to Sitecore Success

After a comprehensive platform assessment, Veracity uncovered ways to enhance their existing Sitecore integration. Working together with technical resources to implement their website redesign within the latest version of Sitecore, Veracity helped them consolidate, standardize, and scale their digital experience in a way that prioritized their core values and mission; empowering employees.  

Creating Scalable Consistent Experiences

With more than 100 self-paced programs catering to 300,000+ students (roughly half the population of Wyoming), this company needed to manage their content lifecycle solutions at scale—all within their existing brand identity and Sitecore platform. Veracity leveraged user-centric research to develop universal widgets, allowing cross-organizational management and governance to easily meet customer demands across a consistent experience. 

Sitecore Mentorship & Architectural Guidance

Let’s face it, effortlessly managing a website is not everyone’s area of expertise. Veracity collaborated with their technical and business teams to provide thorough architectural direction and mentorship—empowering employees to easily develop and implement new Sitecore features, manage content and flawlessly deliver their programs to students across the globe.  

Technical & Business Mentorship Provides the Foundation for a Genuine Partnership

After developing a strong business relationship over many months, our transparency, attention to detail, and a shared vision of “never stop competing for tomorrow” blossomed into a long-term partnershipbringing opportunities to collaborate on a holistic web strategy, centered on Sitecore, for the future.