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For over 30 years, this state lottery has built an organization committed to growing and giving back—and having fun with their customers along the way. In an effort to easily manage, maintain and understand their user base within their existing platform, they sought out a strategic partner with deep UX and Sitecore expertise to help create a hyper-personalized and targeted experience for their customers. The goal was to target games and content towards unique audiences across a full-omnichannel experience, as well as streamline their backend functionality and deliver seamless engagements across user-specific journeys. 

To enhance the connection between the business and their customers, Veracity carefully configured the platform to deliver relevant content and hyper-personalized interactions—reimagining Sitecore in a way that made increased engagement scores as easy as a scratch-off ticket. 

Veracity configured the platform to deliver hyper-personalized interactions—reimagining Sitecore in a way that made increased engagement scores as easy as a scratch-off ticket.

Channeling Data & Design-Thinking Practices to Deliver a Hyper-Personalized Strategy

If you know one thing about Veracity, it’s our emphasis on people first. To harness this approach, we conducted a series of design-thinking workshops that included a comprehensive competitive assessment, an in-depth exploration of current SEO and data analytics, and robust persona workshops. By accessing data from multiple angles, including analytics, user behavior, and the competitive landscape, we developed three core interaction personas to enhance their current Information Architecture (IA) within Sitecore. The experience was designed to improve content and engagement scores and transform Sitecore into a hyper-personalized platformstrengthening the synergy between their people, their customers and their technology. 

A Series of UX Enhancements Built to Improve Digital Presence, Enable Engagement & Support Personalization

Veracity completely reimagined the user experience and developed engaging solutions that included promotional banners, navigation optimization, content strategy for new pages, and a refined homepage design—all based on unique value personas. By focusing on top value tasks for users, Veracity improved ticket scanning and user interaction processes, like simplifying search—boosting both value and reach for a more positive user experience.

A Refined Games Taxonomy for Effortless Data Management & Dynamic Experiences

To improve the way games are displayed and promoted across the experience, Veracity reimagined their current game taxonomy to improve both findability, relevancy and search. From robust filtering, searching and sorting, game favoriting capabilities and dynamic content rules, we empowered numerous methods to promote new game interactions.

Fostering Engagement with Cross-Promotion Personalization & Custom Sitecore Profiles

Veracity developed a comprehensive cross-promotional campaign using a variety of tactics to drive new users to new content and spur tailored interactions. The campaign included everything from robust Sitecore profiles and training enablement to first-time visitor registration and multiple waves of conversion tracking across hyper-targeted emails, Facebook, and Google Ads. To ensure a seamless customer journey, we leveraged our proprietary frameworks to deliver hyper-personalized content, aligned with a unified taxonomy. This approach helped to create an even deeper understanding of their customers, driving meaningful connections and the ability to reach even more lottery customers.

Project Outcomes

NPI Integrations From Concept To Completion Across 8 Territories
Key Business Value Areas Identified For Engagement
Core Interaction Personas Developed To Enhance Information Architecture