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An American-based multinational digital communications technology conglomerate’s growth strategy is based, in part, on acquiring innovative technologies and business models that drive market transitions. And to do that successfully, new employees must be effectively welcomed, onboarded and integrated to become fully realized team members. So, when this technology company came looking for better ways to transition employees gained through Mergers and Acquisitions, they came to Veracity in search of the human touch their process-driven onboarding experience lacked.

With insights collected from intensive workshops, executive interviews and surveys, our team developed a 3-tiered solution to create a personalized experience in support of the emotional and rational needs of new employees—employees that thrive from support by informed, empathetic leaders and managers.

We optimized the acquired employee onboarding journey by adding the human touch to foster a positive environment supporting emotional and rational needs.

Improving Employee Experience During an M&A Life Cycle

As employees transition to a new organization as part of an acquisition, they experience change, disruption and feelings of uncertainty about the unknown. Is their job stable? Will they fit into the new culture? Do their values align with their new employer’s? Veracity found that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs aligned closely with the defined stages of our client’s M&A integration process and used that framework to redefine the Employee Journey, turning a good onboarding process into a great experience that transforms employees into ambassadors.

Measuring Success One Goal at A Time

To be truly successful, employers must resolve the needs of employees and inspire them to discover a shared sense of purpose. But what is success? And how do you measure it? Using insights uncovered during our in-depth research, Veracity created a standard framework across five personas to document goals, participation, NPS score and overall well-being—then designed an employee-response architecture to measure progress and achievements along each step of the journey.

Personalized Communication is Vital for New Employees’ Success

By fielding and analyzing a qualitative questionnaire, Veracity got to the heart of these employees’ real experiences. We discovered personalized and relevant communications can go a long way in fostering a sense of inclusion and productivity among people. To design a positive environment that could meet employees’ rational and emotional needs over time, our team provided a blueprint for automating interest and role-based communication through an expanded employee hub—and a strategy for enhanced support programs with peer-level mentorship.

Expanding the Role of Acquisitions Integration

Great acquisition experiences aren’t made by completing onboarding and integration checklists. They center on how welcome and secure people feel with their leadership and teams. That’s why we proposed expanding the acquisition team’s role and getting them started earlier in the integration process. By facilitating service mindset workshops and extending their time to research and understand the unique culture of the acquired company, they can customize content and tactics that meet the unique needs of individual deals and own the key moments that matter in the Employee Journey.

Project Outcomes

Framework Created to Monitor & Address New Employee Sentiment & Wellbeing

Established Insights Model to Identify Alignment Needs on Existing Cultures

Defined Process to Highlight & Address “Hot Spots” or Peak Moments for Successfully Onboarding Acquired Employees