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This education organization makes investing in yourself accessible by offering affordable training and education with over 100 self-paced, career-relevant online programs. After partnering with Veracity on a successful Sitecore website implementation and improved website structure, they needed their trusted partner to migrate their existing blog and improve their customer experience within their new and improved web presence.

Their pain points? Their current blog implementation was difficult to maintain and functionality needed to streamline their high-demand content. Veracity introduced our user-centric approach to help them resolve their challenges, instill ownership and content control and provide their audiences with relevant information more efficiently. The outcome? An empowered experience for all users through the power of Sitecore. Veracity brought their vision of accessibility to life seamlessly through bespoke blog functionality, flexible (and controlled) content delivery, and a strengthened technical expertise, demonstrating the importance of perseverance and agility.  

We brought their vision of accessibility to life through bespoke blog functionality, flexible content delivery and strengthened technical expertise.

Defining Priorities & Opportunities

Veracity identified key stages of optimization frameworks to help resolve their challenges and meet their blog objectives. From a robust assessment, we were able to articulate user priorities and opportunities to develop core strategies designed to enhance their blog experience for all; while providing cross-organizational management and governance to easily meet customer and employee demands across a consistent experience.

Customized Functionality to Deliver Best-In-Breed Blog Functionality

To create a blog unique in design as well as performance, Veracity customized out-of-the-box features to meet the organization’s user needs for enhanced functionality. From developing consistent widgets designed with best-in-practice design tactics, to customizing search functionality with robust taxonomy and category filtering—Veracity enhanced their existing Sitecore capabilities and optimized blog functionality to better serve their customers and employees. 

Improved Content Usability for Flexible Content Delivery

Veracity instilled our deep Sitecore expertise to develop a single source of truth—a cloud-based repository that effortlessly unified their content strategy and improved quality and consistency across departments and geographic regions to ensure flexible (and controlled) content delivery. 

Technical & Business Mentorship Provides the Foundation for a Genuine Partnership

At Veracity, our relationships mean everything. After months of Sitecore Blog development and mentorship, we helped arm their team with the tools needed to tackle challenges, integrate their team and maintain their Blog for years to come.

Project Outcomes

Blogs Migrated
Students Supported
Custom-Designed Components