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An optimized call center is critical to this global pharmaceutical company’s infrastructure and capabilities—so when upgraded software adversely impacted the call center’s ability to function, Veracity stepped in to figure out how to get them back on track.

To create impact, we needed to gain a deep understanding of user experiences within their global services call center and transform user fatigue to user satisfaction. By combing a variety of research and design-thinking methods, we identified specific pain points and crafted robust recommendations that utilized the latest Genesys platform upgrade to introduce new efficient features across the board. The result? A seamless implementation that improved internal communication, customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention—improving the call center experience for all and driving business success.


Improving Communication – Inside & Out

In today’s world customers have the power and building an experience that meets your customer’s needs is the key to customer satisfaction. To help our client get there, the team at Veracity conducted a series of Heuristic Evaluations, optimizing communication usability by minimizing design deficiencies. And to really empathize with their communication challenges, we spoke to their people first, (both customers and associates) through 1:1 interviews; leveraging what we’ve learned to influence Journey and Empathy Mapping exercises. By using these powerful UX practices, Veracity configured intentional tools through Genesys such as dashboards, live chat and a call-back feature—streamlining how customers and associates communicate with each other and allowing for direct feedback in real-time.


Comprehensive Training to Ensure Great Customer Support

To improve customer support and satisfaction, we knew we had to find ways to increase education on high demand topics and themes—from basic topics like creating cases, reports and general end-to-end process training to complicated topics including how policies and processes change depending on region. By uncovering these topics, Veracity was able to provide thoughtful solutions like empathy training, helping associates to be better equipped to support customers on and off-script.


Enhancing the Process Around How Cases Are Handled

After mapping current state journeys for associates and customers, Veracity discovered poor internal communication and a lack of automation resulting in overtaxed associates and long wait times for customers and that this case management experience was broken. To solve this problem, we designed hypothetical journeys for each audience, illustrating how Genesys could enhance their support center.


Improved Efficiencies for Improved Employee Experience

The relationship between employee experience and customer service is an important, yet often overlooked piece in the digital transformation puzzle. By putting employee needs first, we created a site where people could easily find answers to questions so they could spend time doing things that matter. A few of our recommendations included a process for maintaining a self-service website and checking for broken links, improved search results and ensuring that language selection follows customers as they navigate through translated pages.

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