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This Fortune 50 global pharmaceutical operations team struggled keeping up with new hire demands—from an outdated onboarding process to consistently having to recreate content based on user-location. They needed a strategic partner to help them think differently about the onboarding process and transition it to a holistic workplace experience.

After 20+ user-story sessions and design-forward workshops, Veracity reimagined the service portal experience—harnessing the power of EC Pro to transform their outdated deck-building process to a unified, user-centric Welcome Site. This intuitive digital ecosystem helped all employees move forward, not only simplifying onboarding tasks for Ops team members but creating a personalized welcome experience across each location—all in real-time.


EC Pro Transforms Onboarding Jitters to Onboarding Joy

Gone are the days of consolidating different information for your company’s unique roles and locations. This Welcome Site enabled the operation’s team automation capabilities and content creation specific to localized resources such as community events, site safety protocols, key location contacts and more—effectively managing and developing content while bringing their values of community and work-life balance to life. 


Empowering Unique Site Locations

Each location solves unique challenges under the business blueprint and Veracity had to create solutions to modify content based on the several site locations. To train on these unique challenges, we developed intuitive widgets that localized content—delivering relevant events, topics, personalized points of contact, community engagements, even campus maps—empowering employees every step of the way.


Comprehensive Live Training Sessions

To ensure effortless site management, Veracity developed a robust, 180-page Training Manual alongside numerous Live Training Sessions—educating content managers on the power of no-code development with over 150 widgets.


Everything All in One Place-Right at Their Fingertips

From designing branded, user-centric pages like “My Safety Matters” and “Work Done Simply”, Veracity took what we learned from 20+ user-story sessions to develop key employee topics—streamlining everything from safety protocols to authentic welcome messages from leadership.

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Project Outcomes


Page Comprehensive Training Manual


Intensive User Story Sessions to Develop Key Employee Topics


Page Welcome Site Created From a 30-Page Onboarding Playbook

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