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This Fortune 50 global pharmaceutical company saw the need to better utilize their existing Sitecore platform aimed at connecting their employees with on-demand services, tasks and relevant hyper-targeted communications. The problem? Their current platform was perceived as an inefficient engagement portal, not the agile business platform stakeholders intended it to be. Their users had questions: “What is the objective of this program?…Is this a one-stop-shop for everything digital?” This perception, conflicting goals for deflecting ticket submissions and a missed opportunity to promote itself as a problem-solving knowledge center strayed into a vessel for more technical problems, rather than solutions; decreasing the value of the program.

After implementing robust frameworks and reconciling the differences between goals and user needs, Veracity evolved their platform experience. Intentionally delivering increased engagement through personalization tactics, streamlined interaction, strengthened program awareness & retention as well as enabled innovative features for enhanced functionality.


Delivering Impact Through Understanding the Customer Journey

To tailor a user experience that anticipates (and delivers) the right content at the right time to solve the user’s problem, Veracity led a variety of human-centric workshops including persona mapping, value mapping, and website assessments designed to understand four focus areas including user expectations, integration, localization and experience improvements. Veracity interviewed users across seven key areas to gain insight from their real-world experiences and expectations, and in return, uncovered six key areas of opportunities to improve their user experience and reconcile the gap between intentions and goals. And, by building stronger personas, we developed a sound strategy to deliver powerfully relevant content across their digital experience as well as their entire user journey.


Robust Technology Health Check Informs Long-Term Technology Optimization & Design Enhancements

Veracity conducted a robust Sitecore health check assessment of their current architecture, visual studio and code base and overall Sitecore implementation. The three areas of engagement uncovered hundreds of findings on topics from monitoring and support to upgradability to their existing Sitecore editing environment. After focusing on these key areas, we developed a comprehensive critical, tactical and long-term recommendation strategy to exceed their goals.


Defining A Cohesive End-State Vision from Branding to Deployment Leadership

After comprehensive findings, Veracity identified key areas of transformation to help them achieve their goals from branding to deployment leadership to achieving their end-state vision. These goals were the beginning force for a business breakthrough and a continuing long-term partnership designed to increase engagement through personalization tactics, strengthened program awareness and retention as well as enable innovative features for enhanced functionality.

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Project Outcomes


Distinct Persona Profiles Designed to Strengthen Content Across their Digital Experience


Sitecore Enhancement Recommendations


Areas of Engagement Defined for Recommendation Strategy to Exceed Goals

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