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Our client, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading provider of technology services including IT, digital, consulting and business process outsourcing. The company has a large footprint in the healthcare technology sector, currently processing 50% of all health insurance claims in the nation. Recognizing the shifting landscape of modern healthcare, they wanted to create an innovative product for the health insurance space that addresses various healthcare audiences—members and consumers, employees, employers, brokers and providers—and deliver for a consumer-driven, competitive market. The company already had begun their product journey but needed help to ensure speed to market.

They enlisted Veracity to help with product strategy, product delivery, user experience, design and architecture modernization. We helped refine the vision and strategy, create a full-product design system and develop a cloud solution that will serve as the model for all platform iterations. We delivered more than just a member, shopper, employer, employee, broker and provider solution for our client—we delivered a transformation in the health insurance space, providing insurance companies and their users with a total end-to-end digital experience that innovates how they connect with healthcare.

As healthcare shifts toward a more consumer driven market, we delivered a digital product that helped our client quickly deliver a consistent, innovative user experience in health insurance for clients, members, employers, employees, brokers, partners and providers.

Driving Product Strategy & Delivery at Light Speed

The company already had begun work on potential solutions but needed help with overall vision, experience design and scalability to ensure smooth delivery and speed to market. There were five teams working on the start of these products, but they needed to create a connected vision and seamless user experience across all five platforms they were hoping to build for their member, employer, employee, broker and provider audiences. We started with understanding current-state designs and future audience needs via our detailed user research process including desk research, competitive analysis, product assessments, stakeholder sessions and user flows. Through our research, we refined and understood our audience groups and their connected, ideal journey through the health insurance lifecycle. Based on the user flows, defining both experience similarities and differences, we were able to build a comprehensive digital design system and digital acceleration toolkit that was used as the basis for all five portal experiences. Our solutions helped the client get up to speed quickly. We provided a full cloud, custom-java solution, with microservice-based architecture that will serve as the technology and product model for all 5-portal experience and all future iterations.