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A global consulting and project solutions firm needed to define a modern user experience for their new talent management platform, Avature. They also wanted to harness the power of this technology to improve the user experience for candidates, hiring managers and the talent and recruiting team. The challenge? Create a user-focused experience for multiple users at multiple times within the same platform.

Veracity collaborated with this company to uncover how Avature could support the entire candidate journey; from identifying opportunities to accepting an offer. Through a best-in-class employee experience strategy, Veracity reimagined the candidate journey, the supporting content and data, the taxonomy structure and the design to create a modern, differentiated experience for candidates, hiring managers and the talent and recruiting team.

Our transformative employee experience strategy delivered overhauled, user-centric experiences for a global career site, and candidate, hiring manager and talent and recruiting portals.

Uncovering Pain Points to Strategically Design Thoughtful Solutions

Our client knew they’d need to replace their existing career site and hiring and talent manager portals with the new applicant tracking system. This would allow them to monitor progress in real-time—without having to rely on emails or manual workflows. Through stakeholder feedback and robust content and design analysis, Veracity designed a reimagined candidate experience that supported allowing all users—candidates, hiring managers and the talent and recruiting team—to best align the experience to their unique needs.

Mapping Data & Content for an Improved Candidate Experience

It was critical to our client that their new career experience clearly communicated their brand, mission and goals while leveraging out-of-box functionality within the new Avature platform.


Veracity got to work, working closely with stakeholders to understand their current business model and content and data landscape. To create a high-value candidate experience, we started by streamlining content, then established a user flow that focused on key candidate topics and aligned high-priority messaging to the new site for a better-defined site structure and taxonomy, updated content, and an engaging, user-friendly experience design.

Modernizing Processes for Improved Transparency & Increased Engagement

Veracity created a new, streamlined experience for hiring managers and the talent and recruiting team to stay informed on the hiring process, while following industry best practices. In the past, users had to rely on emails to receive updates on candidates during the hiring process. Through the design of the new portals, Veracity created a more transparent, efficient experience where all teams involved could easily view candidate status, available roles and more.