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Our client, a global consulting and project solutions firm, was looking to better connect and engage with their borderless workforce and enhance overall employee experience. They had been experiencing an increased rate of attrition and sentiment that the consultant workforce felt disconnected from each other and the company. The support systems and processes in place were not addressing key workforce needs to ensure employees felt valued and could grow with the company. We worked to define and build an experience on Akumina, which is capable of delivering personalized and relevant resources, facilitating connections among employees, and integrating information from other systems.

Veracity spearheaded the development of a future state strategy and design for an improved employee experience. By conducting user feedback sessions and surveys, Veracity gained valuable insights into the common needs of employees, formulating a comprehensive experience strategy that would make the workforce feel connected, valued and set up for success.

Veracity crafted a consistent, personalized employee and workforce experience and strategy to drive employee connections now and into the future.

Centralized Resources All in One Location

Employees faced the challenge of not having a centralized resource hub, leading to siloed information and excessive reliance on emails. They were often unaware of the full range of resources available, including perks, support and employee networks. Veracity addressed these issues by creating a reorganized experience design and structure, consolidating content and systems into a single platform. Personalized and targeted content such as news, events and links to content, were prioritized to enhance discoverability and reduce dependence on email searches.

Consistent User Experience & Reorganized Content

Our team transformed the inconsistent and difficult-to-navigate intranet into a streamlined experience. Collaborating with the client, we reorganized and aligned the existing intranet structure with new designs, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Content from the previous intranet was consolidated, reorganized, and mapped to the new experience, enabling users to quickly find the information they needed in an intuitive way.

Personalized Content Specific & Relevant to Employees

Veracity addressed employees’ struggle to find personalized and relevant information by implementing persona-driven content targeting. The new designs enabled the company to deliver content tailored to individual users based on attributes like location or role. This included team-specific news and role-based content, as well as HR and IT help tickets. Additionally, the designs empowered users to self-serve and customize their experience by setting up favorites or content widgets that aligned with their specific needs.

Integrated With Systems Employees Use All the Time

Employees required quick access to essential items such as time and benefits, learning opportunities, HR and IT help tickets, and career management deadlines. The experience Veracity visualized through design provided integration with various systems, including HR, IT, service, support, career and learning, enabling employees to find what they needed when they needed it.