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A global consulting and project solutions firm needed help avoiding common pitfalls in their digital transformation process. With a goal of investing in new platforms, they needed insight on how these new platforms would impact their employee experience and operational and technical processes, and needed a partner to strategically integrate technology to meet user needs today, and into the future.

After partnering with Veracity, the organization was able to effectively align their employee needs with a comprehensive digital transformation and service design strategy, mapping those needs to people, process and systems in a visual ecosystem, outlining both the front- and back-stage journey. Assessing the feasibility of using out-of-the-box features versus custom component development, we provided technical and economic ROI for the future state vision.

Through user-focused research and insights, and mapping needs to technology features, Veracity delivered a comprehensive future state digital ecosystem and service design strategy for this company’s digital transformation.

Connecting Processes & Impacts to Users

Through a range of user-focused methods, Veracity engaged stakeholders and users to gain a holistic understanding of current processes, as well as the potential impact of technological change on those processes and their people. We harnessed these insights to gather critical need statements, thoughtfully articulating what users want to accomplish at each touchpoint.

Documenting Out-of-the-Box Features Versus Custom Development Needs

Veracity aligned our understanding of business processes and user needs to their new technology platforms, prioritizing out-of-the-box features to make the transformation more cost-effective. Our team also detailed user priorities that would require custom feature development, then we laid the groundwork for the development project phases by creating robust epics and comprehensive project plans.

Visualizing The Future State Digital Ecosystem

Based on our research of employee-critical platform features and the company’s key business processes, we compiled a holistic view to visualize the future state digital ecosystem. This comprehensive design showed how all enterprise systems needed to connect to support the company’s processes while maximizing their technology use. With the visual understanding of how the technical ecosystem would work, the client could better understand system impacts and integration requirements, while defining future project steps for employees, data and processes.

Comprehensive Digital & Service Strategy to Plan Future Steps

Veracity built an executive communication plan to help avoid common transformation pitfalls. This plan helped get executive buy-in and support for the project, ensuring success and momentum into the design and development phase. We also provided a comprehensive list of prioritized decision points and dependencies to consider before proceeding to the design phase, maximizing impact by minimizing friction.

Project Outcomes

Robust Service Blueprints Created To Uncover Opportunities
User Stories Developed & Mapped To Each Interaction & User Experience
Transformation Decision Points Defined