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A Fortune 500 global technology company faced growing complexities and burdens in maintaining compliance and controls within its financial operations. Employees sought a streamlined path to compliance that would enable them to prioritize their core responsibilities. However, as overall processes and procedures became more intricate, this became increasingly harder to deliver.

Seeking a visionary partner, capable of overcoming these obstacles and fostering a culture of seamless compliance, they chose Veracity. Together, we employed an empathetic filter to revolutionize the compliance landscape, ushering in an era where adherence is effortless and intuitive.


Envisioning Future Outcomes: Collaborative Workshops Unleash Persona Insights

Through collaborative workshops, we explored current state personas and envisioned future outcomes. These sessions defined use cases and mapped user journeys, addressing pain points, and identifying opportunities. Mapping workshops provided insights into the Controls and Compliance ecosystem, including services and delivery. We analyzed the current state and identified opportunities for improvement. Focusing on personas through the lens of “Rule Makers” and “Rule Followers,” we studied their connections and extracted valuable experience themes.


Diary Study Uncovers Deep Insights and Shapes Robust User Profiles

Through an immersive Diary Study, we laid the groundwork for persona development, capturing a distinctive “voice.” This research method asks real users to record qualitative data about their behaviors, activities and experiences over time, uncovering profound insights into pain points. Fueled by this knowledge, we conducted dynamic workshops, gathering a diverse group of representatives to further shape persona stories and articulate their needs. By distilling user thoughts, expressions, observations, actions, and experiences through diary studies, we refined and crafted robust persona profiles.


Unveiling Transformative Moments & Crafting Future-State Vision for Enhanced Personas

Next, we defined transformative “Moments that Matter” within the persona journey, pinpointing the most significant touchpoints. This revealed opportunities for enhancement and empowered us to bridge any existing gaps. We then transformed persona needs into actionable strategies and experience enhancements, aligning them with the organization’s visionary goals. Through immersive design thinking exercises, we synthesized insights and formed a future-state vision for each persona, leveraging the opportunities and addressing any gaps identified.

The project resulted in the creation of Final Persona Cards and accompanying learning materials guiding the client on how to utilize personas to cultivate more robust experiences. By aligning the findings from the Persona Workshops with the client’s compliance initiatives, we unearthed key ways the team could streamline and optimize their overall process.

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