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A managed care organization (MCO) faced significant challenges in managing their Medicare Stars Program, resulting in stagnant Star ratings at 3.0. Limited accountability and the absence of a dedicated Stars structure hindered their efforts to elevate their ratings to the desired 4.0 level. Seeking a solution, the MCO turned to Veracity to lead the transformation of their Stars Program.

Over a period of three months, Veracity conducted a comprehensive assessment of the MCO’s current Stars Program, identifying performance gaps and formulating targeted interventions to address them. Through a collaborative approach, the team developed a roadmap that outlined specific actions and initiatives to enhance measure outcomes and propel our client towards higher Star ratings.

Veracity identified gaps and formulated targeted interventions to boost an MCO’s Star ratings from 3.0 to 4.0.

Driving Results Through Strategic Interventions

Veracity’s targeted interventions and strategic guidance yielded remarkable outcomes. By addressing key areas of improvement, we successfully increased their Star rating from 3.0 to an impressive 4.0, surpassing their initial goal. This achievement not only positioned our client for greater recognition and credibility but also enabled them to capture the coveted Quality Bonus Payment.

Establishing a Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Beyond immediate success, Veracity recognized the importance of sustaining and building upon their improved Stars Program. To ensure ongoing success and continuous improvement, Veracity established a dedicated and scalable Stars Program, firmly rooted in best practices and tailored to their specific needs. This forward-thinking approach sets the stage for continued success, cementing our client’s position as a leader in providing exceptional healthcare services.