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For this non-profit education organization, building a strong digital presence was essential to becoming a thought leader in the classical liberal space in higher education. However, their previous website presented multiple challenges, including a lack of targeted content and strong positioning, unclear navigation, and an undefined SEO strategy. In response to their digital challenges, the organization set out to transform their online presence, hoping to establish themselves as a dependable resource with a modern, user-friendly interface and clear journeys for each unique target audience. 

To enhance the organization’s online presence, Veracity combined technical WordPress expertise with a comprehensive design, content and SEO strategy. Through humancentered strategies and user persona development, we redesigned the site to align with their audience needs for a compelling digital experience  

Veracity created an intuitive and accessible digital experience through the lens of 3 key personas.

Maximizing Website Potential Through Content & SEO Analysis

To align the new website with our client’s needs, our team conducted a current state content inventory and analysisarticulating pain points of existing messaging, taxonomy and findability. As part of our strategy, we implemented a comprehensive SEO audit to gather data and analytics on site traffic, back link profile strengths, SEO competitiveness and relevant keywords. With these insights, we developed recommendations to avoid negative technical issues and ensure our SEO strategies were aligned with their audience needs. By implementing these recommendations, we not only increased website traffic, but improved the overall user experience. 

A Comprehensive Future State Site Map Through the Lens of Personas

At the heart of our successful strategy was a careful balance between the client’s vision and the needs of their key users. Through our discovery process, we identified several important audiences, but chose to focus on three key personas: top-tier researchers, graduate students and strategic partners and donors. With these personas in mind, our team strategically crafted the user journeys to create dedicated spaces and resources within each navigation system, ensuring a human-centered user flow that met the needs of each audience. By prioritizing the user experience and incorporating feedback from both the client and key users, we efficiently created an experience that was intuitive, accessible and capable of delivering seamless engagement for each persona. 

Revitalizing Brand Identity Through a Personalized Visual Design Concept

During the website redesign, our team crafted a visual design concept called “The Advocate” to effectively showcase the organization’s brand and reinforce their brand imagery as an industry thought leader. We drew inspiration from the brand’s dynamic and geometric logo and utilized a people-centric approach to design language and imagery across the digital experience. This concept amplified the brand with a contemporary feel, enabling them to embody a modern role without alienating users with a cutting-edge style. Our design system incorporated component creation to enhance collaboration between design and development teams, enabling faster integration while staying on budget and ensuring simple UX patterns for users to follow.