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This Fortune 200 paints and coating manufacturer and retailer struggled to maintain a centralized intranet resulting in inconsistent branding, duplicated content, and a landscape that was incompatible for their many employees. They needed a solution to improve their intranet’s efficiency, streamline operations, and eliminate errors in communication due to organizational silos across their entire landscape.   

To address their challenges, Veracity conducted a comprehensive analysis of its previous intranet system, evaluating over 20 sites and identifying critical areas where content could streamline to one experience through Akumina technology. By investing in a unified intranet experience centered around its users, this painting manufacturer was able to address its operational challenges, boost employee engagement, and improve their bottom line.  

Veracity developed an intranet experience centered around its users to address operational challenges, boost employee engagement, and create a unified digital workplace experience.  

A Comprehensive Content Assessment Encompassing User Stories

Through content evaluation and user story creation, Veracity identified the key components of content that would become the highest priority throughout their new intranet. The creation of user stories was crucial to ensure it improved efficiency and ruled out the likelihood of employees continuing to create organizational silos caused by legacy intranet abandonment.  

A Hyper Targeted & Globally Efficient Taxonomy

With effective taxonomy and user testing, we created user-friendly templates that were globally efficient, translating each page into 29 different languages. The taxonomy was hyper-targeted based on user profiles through determining the kind of business unit each employee was part of and where they fell within the leadership pipeline.  

Increasing Findability Through an Intuitive Navigation Structure

To increase findability for employee resources throughout their new intranet, we leveraged our unified taxonomy to create a navigation structure that incorporated a more robust search functionality for global brand consistency. And, for enhanced security efforts, we configured Akumina to include a single signon for employee applications. As we continued to enhance this new, simplified employee experience, Veracity provided offshore technical resources as an extension of their agile team.  

Project Outcomes

Global Employees Brought Onto Unified Intranet Experience
Languages Translated
Sites Transformed Into One Unified Experience Across 5 Regions